Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In Which I Finally Agree With Sarah Palin (Yikes!)

OK, Sarah Palin has finally made a reasonable point. The photo at the left is the cover of this week's Newsweek. It uses a photo from a shoot that Palin did for Runner's World that was originally published in August 2009. (Click here to see the slide show of photos from that shoot.)

Palin's response: "The choice of photo for the cover of this week's Newsweek is unfortunate. When it comes to Sarah Palin, this "news" magazine has relished focusing on the irrelevant rather than the relevant. The Runner's World magazine one-page profile for which this photo was taken was all about health and fitness -- a subject to which I am devoted and which is critically important to this nation. The out-of-context Newsweek approach is sexist and oh-so-expected by now. If anyone can learn anything from it: it shows why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, gender, or color of skin. The media will do anything to draw attention -- even if out of context."

Yes, Palin is a nut case, train wreck and has no place in national politics. But she has a point here. A more appropriate photo for the tone of the coverage should have been used. Of course, if Hillary Clinton posed in short shorts like that I bet it would appear in the National Review (and that wouldn't be proper, either - - for many, many reasons).

Monday, November 16, 2009

Death To You All

The Hebrew Commandments and the punishments for those who transgress them, were as follows:

So if you wanna hang up these rules in schools or on public property, then you oughta be OK with hanging up the penalty for non-compliance, right? And then let me strangle or stone you to death because you've violated more than one of these... on multiple occasions.

Senior Health Care Solution

This is from one of those annoying e-mails that keep getting "sent around" the web, but I thought it made an interesting point.

So you're a senior citizen and the government says no health care for you, what do you do?

Our plan gives anyone 65 years or older a gun and 4 bullets. Your are allowed to shoot 2 senators and 2 representatives. Of Course, this means you will be sent to prison where you will get 3 meals a day, a roof over your head, and all the health care you need! New teeth, no problem. Need glasses, great. New hip, knees, kidney, lungs, heart? All covered.

And who will be paying for all of this? The same government that just told you that you are too old for health care. Plus, because you are a prisoner, you don't have to pay any income taxes anymore.