Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bible Fight

OK, this is frivolous but kinda fun, so I just had to post about it.

Watch out for Noah - he can summon floods and sic' his animals on ya. But, then again, Eve can call up Adam from the mud and whip you with her snake.

I don't know what causes folks to create such silly things. It sure does seem like some people have a whole heckuva lot of time on their hands.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Pelosi says Bush "in denial" on warming

Pelosi said Bush's strategy, announced on Thursday, "rehashed stale ideas" and made her question whether the president understands the urgency of global warming.

"The science is clear, and yet the president continues to be in denial," Pelosi said at a briefing. "Yes, he says now he believes that global warming is happening and he accepts the science that it is ... But if that were so, if he truly understood that, he could not have come up with a proposal that is 'aspirational'."

In terms of global warming and our nation stepping up to treat the matter seriously: whoever the next president is (Dem or Rep) will treat the matter more seriously than Shrub has. Just another in a long list of important matter GWB and his cronies have ignored (or made worse).

Welcome to the Serenity of Reason

Hello, and thanks for visiting my new blog, The Serenity of Reason. You might well be asking, why does the world need another blog? Well, I guess the world really doesn't need it. But I think there are folks "out there" who will be happy it is here.

The main premise of the blog is that "reason" is sorely lacking in the world today and that the world would be a much better place if reason were applied to everything we do. Capiche?

Hope so, but let me clarify things a bit. The definition of "reason" that I am using is the second one listed at Webster's Dictionary online, as follows (link):

2 a (1) : the power of comprehending, inferring, or thinking especially in orderly rational ways : INTELLIGENCE (2) : proper exercise of the mind (3) : SANITY b : the sum of the intellectual powers

In other words, we should base our decisions on what is rational. We should "believe" (hate that word, more on that later) only in those things with a solid, reasonable basis backing them up. That means, no faith! Faith is what some turn to when they have no evidence. I reject faith as a useful means of gathering knowledge.

Living an existence based in reason promotes, among other things, serenity -- hence the name of this blog. I hope you will join me in sharing your thoughts and issues -- and commenting on the posts here.