Thursday, October 22, 2009

Republicans For Rape

It has come to this. Unable to support anything that comes from the Democratic side of the aisle, Republicans now support rape.

30 Republican senators voted against Sen. Al Franken's anti-rape amendment to a defense appropriations bill that would prevent the federal government from funding contractors whose employee contracts prevent workers from pursuing allegations of rape against co-workers.

I don't know, but rape to me sounds like something that should be able to garner bipartisan contempt. Guess not. Which brings us to the nicely done web site titled Republicans for Rape. Not a woman among them... Not a person of color among them... Sad... Truly sad...

Test Your God Knowledge Here

Here is a short test. See if you can score 100% in your knowledge of the Christian God?

1. Did God kill every living human on earth with a flood?
__ Yes __ No

2. Did God order his chosen people to kill all the non-virgins in conquered cities, but to keep the virgin girls for slaves and raping?
__ Yes __ No

3. Did God send bears to maul children for mocking a bald prophet?
__ Yes __ No

4. Is God stronger than chariots made of iron?
__ Yes __ No

5. Who allowed his most devoted follower, Job, to lose his whole family, fortune, and friends, just to prove a point to the devil?
__ Moses
__ Bill Clinton
__ God
__ Larry King
__ Sean Hannity
__ Barack Obama

6. Did God kill millions of baby Egyptians after intentionally hardening the heart of the Pharoah so he wouldn't let the Israelites go?
__ Yes __ No

7. Are women allowed to speak in church?
__ Yes __ No

8. If you decide to follow Jesus, can you still love your family, or must you hate them?
__ Love __ Hate

9. Does God cause people to eat one another (I'm talking cannibalism here, not anything sexual)?
__ Yes __ No

10. Will God destroy the wisdom of the wise?
__ Yes __ No

Best of luck to you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Nizkor Project

Just a brief post today to share a wonderful site documenting the various types of "fallacies" that you may hear when the troglodytes try to argue with you.

The site is The Nizkor Project, and it contain the work of Dr. Michael C. Labossiere, the author of a tutorial named Fallacy Tutorial Pro 3.0.

Very informational, and also entertaining... check it out at The Nizkor Project.