Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good Things Come From Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining, For Example...

The 40 hour work week

Child labor being illegal

Paid vacation days/weeks

Fair salaries

Paid health care

Paid leave with a guaranteed job upon return


A "Middle" class

...And some of the more recent "good" things about unions...

  • Data from the March 2002 Current Population Survey (CPS), for example, shows that unionized workers are 16.4% more likely than similar non-union workers to be covered by an employer-provided health insurance plan; and 18.8% more likely to participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan.
  • According to the Economic Policy Institute unionized workers receive 26% more vacation time and 14% more total paid leave (vacations and holidays).

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is the Tea Party Libertarian?

If you've ever thought that the tea party folks were libertarian let's just sit back and watch how they react to the President's decision to stop trying to claim the "Defense of Marriage Act" is constitutional... you'll see... the tea partiers are just right wing republicans...