Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain Hangs Out With Terrorists!

Well, well, well... after all the stupid bullshit with McCain trying to insinuate that Barack Obama hung out with a terrorist, it seems that old Grandpa Cancer Head has hung out with terrorists his own damn self!

One association, which seems to have gone unreported until now, involves a delegate who represented McCain at this year's Republican convention and previously expressed sympathy for an activist accused of shooting a doctor who performed abortions.

Terrorist! McCain hangs out with and embraces terrorists!!!!

And what the hell, let's go for broke... by using the same tactics and "logic" of the McCain/Palin camp it is easy to argue that the members of the GOP ticket are "palling around" with abortion clinic attack sympathizers, supporters of right-wing militants, perpetrators of political espionage and revolutionaries seeking to secede from the United States.

Bottom line: when you play with shit, the stink clings to you, not necessarily to those you try to throw it on!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

If I Have to Hear...

...John McCain say "my friends" one more time I will lose my mind!

Did anyone actually count the number of times he said that during the debate? Has the man started going senile?