Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain Hangs Out With Terrorists!

Well, well, well... after all the stupid bullshit with McCain trying to insinuate that Barack Obama hung out with a terrorist, it seems that old Grandpa Cancer Head has hung out with terrorists his own damn self!

One association, which seems to have gone unreported until now, involves a delegate who represented McCain at this year's Republican convention and previously expressed sympathy for an activist accused of shooting a doctor who performed abortions.

Terrorist! McCain hangs out with and embraces terrorists!!!!

And what the hell, let's go for broke... by using the same tactics and "logic" of the McCain/Palin camp it is easy to argue that the members of the GOP ticket are "palling around" with abortion clinic attack sympathizers, supporters of right-wing militants, perpetrators of political espionage and revolutionaries seeking to secede from the United States.

Bottom line: when you play with shit, the stink clings to you, not necessarily to those you try to throw it on!


coreydbarbarian said...

"Also, for the 2nd straight week, Bill Maher's liberal spoof Religulous from Lionsgate thrashed David Zucker's conservative satire An American Carol from Vivendi Entertainment even though the Maher movie was playing in just a 1/3 as many theaters as Zucker's pic (568 vs 1,621). The final numbers were $2.2M to $1.5M."

in addition, mccain hangs out w/ terrorists. pass it on. ;)

Anony Mouse said...

And Fireproof in its third week knocked off both of them and I understand it had a budget of less than $750,000? That might be incorrect but close.

Could be Americans do like the family theme movies after all and like movies that build up rather than tear down.

I did see American Carol and it was OK. Reminded me a lot of Airplane.

I hear NoBama has a terrorist in his family now. He is a distant cousin of Cheney. I recall earlier the Democrat supporters calling Cheney a terrorist and now we find NoBama is just part of the family.

Now the poor Floridians. They get rid of Foley and now they have Tim Mahoney and his sex scandal. They also have ACORN registering Micky Mouse to vote. First NoBama denied any ties to ACORN then had to come clean with the truth.
It just goes to show the only distinction between democrats and republicans is their color.

Say no to BO.


Movies that tear down, now would that include any of the blockbuster action movies that are all the rage? :)

csm said...

Only a nut case would think that the ACORN stuff is anything at all.

ACORN is a community organizing group - and they operate nationally.

The Republican smear campaign against ACORN goes back 20 years. ACORN registers poor people and minorities to vote. Republicans don't like that because these people don't usually vote Republican. The bottom line is once in awhile ACORN hires a petition collector who is lazy or unscrupulous and starts submitting fake vote registration applications, since they are paid by how many they collect. These applications are screened extremely carefully but sometimes some slip through.

This is a NON-ISSUE and it is being raised by Repugs only because they are getting their ass whooped in the mind and heart of the American public.

Repeat after me... it is the economy, stupid!

TJ said...

Hey stupid, its the economy. Now arrest uh uh uh Dodd and uh uh um Barney Miller or Fife or whatever his name is.

As far as the ACORN explanation you are a nut. Sure, you keep believing that. The rest of us will call for all voter fraud to be punished.

coreydbarbarian said...

mousey, if fireproof is as warm & fuzzy as you say, then it deserves good box office.

as for this acorn "scandal", good luck with your complaints. we all know these are cases of voter registration fraud, and NOT voter fraud. it's not like mickey mouse and tony romo are actually going to TRY to vote on november 4th. (well, romo might, but not in nevada). the only "fraud" committed here is the purported number of newly registered voters in select areas.

but you conservative-types are hurting right now, and i get that. so i'll let tj get away with some pretty far out comments.

silly conservatives. :)

Ceroill said...

Salon currently has an article on the Acorn 'scandal'. Just lettin' you know.


Tony Romo ain't voting if he has to use his right pinkie finger!

And I believe that is Barney Fyfe.

And as the new Superhero, The Needler, a question to csm...

If it is the economy stupid, what happned to Iraq, I mean, Afghanistan?

One thing that rrrreeeeaaaalllllyyyy pissed me off was the fact the peace protesters weren't around(unless I didn't hear about it)at the Democratic Convention when the Dems don't have any problem staying in Afghanistan, a worthless place to be losing American soldiers if there ever was one. This is one thing I agree wholeheartedly with the Europeans on; the futility of fighting in the Afghan state. They can't wait to get out of there.

Anony Mouse said...

Sorry fellows, it is only Voter registration fraud. No attention of actually voting here. I don't know what I was thinking. Gotta run early voting begins today and the great Anony Mouse, Micky Mouse and Mighty Mouse has to get their initial votes in.

Goodness gracious, how easily the partisans can be duped.

coreydbarbarian said...

ahh, the "great" anony mouse.
that's fun.

don't worry mousey, i'm sure the republicans' voter suppression squads will be out in full force to sort things out/disenfranchise the poor. after all, that's what they do best, isn't it?

Truthiness McGee said...

Indeed... check out the mass voter roll "cleansing" going on in Colorado, for example.



You related to McGruff the Crime Dog?

csm said...

Good call on that Truthiness. The New York Times has reported on this at and it is not just in Colorado.

G said...

How exactly is a legitimate, non-partisan attempt to comply with the law (by removing voters who no longer have a legal right to vote in that state) compare with intentionally submitting duplicate and falsified voter registration forms?

From the article csm linked:
"The actions do not seem to be coordinated by one party or the other, nor do they appear to be the result of election officials intentionally breaking rules..."

Call me old-fashioned, but I consider errors in an attempt to COMPLY with the law significantly different than intentionally violating it.

csm said...

I find them both wrong, but the second worse, because it is illegally removing legally registered voters. The first, illegally registering voters who will never vote is not nearly as wrong. Again though, both should be stopped.

csm said...

And it evidently it is NOT a non-partisan attempt to block voters... the Republican Party has admitted to participating in an illegal scheme to use foreclosure lists to challenge predominantly Democratic voters in Michigan on Election Day.

Another story on the Republican dirty tricks in Michigan.

csm said...

More voting tomfoolery in West Virginia, where the machines refuse to record votes for Obama and record them instead for McCain.

You know, the Reps might just steal another election if this kind of shit is allowed to go on.