Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Palin the Abuser

The New York Times reports: Gov. Sarah Palin abused the powers of her office by pressuring subordinates to try to get her former brother-in-law, a state trooper, fired, an investigation by the Alaska Legislature has concluded. The inquiry found, however, that she was within her right to dismiss her public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan, who was the trooper’s boss.

A 263-page report released Friday by lawmakers in Alaska found that Ms. Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee, had herself exerted pressure to get Trooper Michael Wooten dismissed, as well as allowed her husband and subordinates to press for his firing, largely as a result of his temperament and past disciplinary problems.

“Such impermissible and repeated contacts,” the report states, “create conflicts of interests for subordinate employees who must choose to either please a superior or run the risk of facing that superior’s displeasure and the possible consequences of that displeasure.” The report concludes that the action was a violation of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act.

Smell it? The acrid, smell of corrupt Republicans... it oozes out of Palin's pores like puss out of a boil on the bum of America!



Yer beatin' a dead horse and I mean that literally. Unless Obama does something really stupid and that isn't likely, he is a shoo-in.

csm said...

Hope you're right! But I'm gonna keep beatin' that horse til it is goo - at least until Nov. 5th!

coreydbarbarian said...

shouldn't that be 'beating a dead moose', or at least a 'dead moose-hunter'?


Are you advocating.......murder, corey?

Anony Mouse said...

Whack! Its the economy stupid.

coreydbarbarian said...

murder? oh no!!

i've got to admit, i was pretty disappointed with the media's coverage of the troopergate report.
they let palin flat-out deny the report's findings, then they dropped the issue.

of course, it's not like obama NEEDS troopergate coverage to win this election.

hope everyone enjoyed the debate last night. i know i did.

did anyone else's chin drop when mccain mocked protecting "the health of the mother" in abortion law?

i still don't think mccain was ever in this to win. he's continually pandering to his base and never courting independants. he's just not a serious contender with "strategy" like that.