Friday, October 17, 2008

The video that should sink John McCain's presidential dreams


Anony Mouse said...

Interesting, an old video with Pat Robertson? The same Pat csm hammered a week or so ago for being a nut job? well, you were right csm, definitely a nut job.

Remember, Biden & Hilary both concluded The Big O was unqualified to lead and who could argue with Biden & Hilary. But, Big O has this thing wrapped up so I would stay home this election cycle.

Anony Mouse said...

He is qualified to run a local McDonalds franchise, but that is about it. The only call he should be allowed to answer at 3AM is that his wife is in labor.

csm said...

I continue to be impressed with the manner in which Barack Obama is running his campaign. It is well-coordinated and with a definite strategy to it (unlike Grampy McSame's campaign).

What a coup having General Powell endorse him over the weekend. Just in time for Republicans thinking about Obama to grab onto Powell's endorsement as a reason for voting to Obama... well done, Barack, well done!