Friday, July 31, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthers on the Hill

The Republicans, they be bat-shit crazy!

Isn't That Convenient?

I've noticed a propensity for the "believers" to discount the huge number of philandering christian leaders, priests, and ministers saying something like "Oh, they weren't really christian, then." Well, then, I guess there are no christians, at all.

How do I make that leap? Start off by taking the mindset of the "christian" apologist. S/he thinks that a "pervert" is not a christian because christianity teaches that one should not do that. Well, christianity also teaches that one should not lie, steal, cheat, etc. These are called sins. And it also teaches that everyone is a sinner and needs to repent.

So, if the sinner (pervert) is not a christian, then the others sinners (liars, cheaters, everyone) are not christians. Simple as that. I am so relieved that there are no christians!