Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Stupid Shit from/for the Gullible

Hope you all enjoy this totally fucked up image!

It is all in that lost book of the bible, Lizards 8:20-25, which states:

And lo' the Lord did ride the T. Rex, even without a saddle. He rode into Bethlehem and commanded his apostles thusly: "Touch him, touch my dinosaur!" Only Wally, the rarely spoken of thirteenth apostle was brave enough, and as he reached out to touch the mightly lizard, it ate him. After seeing the carnage, Jesus traded in his T. Rex on a Diplodocus.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Catholics Specialize In The New Sins They Created

  1. accumulating obscene wealth
  2. polluting the environment
  3. genetic engineering
  4. drug dealing
  5. abortion
  6. pedophilia
  7. causing social injustice
What a fuckin' laugh riot that pedophile-protecting, Nazi pope is! I mean, really, can you name an organization that has accumulated more wealth than the Catholic church? And don't those crazed Catholics believe that the little wafer turns into the body of Jesus? Sounds like genetic engineering to me!
And dealing drugs is on the list, but using them is not. Abortion is on the list, but genocide is not. How can any sane individual take those fuckers in the Vatican seriously... oooops... my bad... no sane individual does.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lou Dobbs is Fucking Annoying

I was watching CNN today when that idiotic blowhard Lou Dobbs came on crowing about Barack Obama pandering because of a recent statement he made. Obama's statement basically said that people like Rush Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs who are outspoken on "illegal immigration" are wrong. Obama used the phrase "send 'em back" and Dobbs then rambled on about having never used that phrase.

So what? Dobbs is a blowhard who uses his public venue to spew hatred against immigrants. The point is not whether Dobbs used any particular phrase, but about the arguments he makes. But, of course, a blowhard will always nitpick wording. Obama's point is accurate. And I hope he continues to make it. For two reasons:

1. He is right
2. I'd like to watch Lou Dobbs head explode