Thursday, March 13, 2008

Catholics Specialize In The New Sins They Created

  1. accumulating obscene wealth
  2. polluting the environment
  3. genetic engineering
  4. drug dealing
  5. abortion
  6. pedophilia
  7. causing social injustice
What a fuckin' laugh riot that pedophile-protecting, Nazi pope is! I mean, really, can you name an organization that has accumulated more wealth than the Catholic church? And don't those crazed Catholics believe that the little wafer turns into the body of Jesus? Sounds like genetic engineering to me!
And dealing drugs is on the list, but using them is not. Abortion is on the list, but genocide is not. How can any sane individual take those fuckers in the Vatican seriously... oooops... my bad... no sane individual does.


coreydbarbarian said...

okay, so i'm taking this from the link provided:

a close ally of the Pope and a top official in the Vatican, puts out a new list of deadly sins for the modern "globalised" world.

the seven classic "sins of yesteryear"' - sloth, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, wrath and pride - have a "rather individualistic dimension''.

"He hopes his new sinful versions will make the faithful realise that their vices have an effect on others. "


on the surface, this new list of sin seems harmless, highlighting sins that affect others.

beneath that, this new list is one more brick in the new pope's wall.

in his last encyclical, da pope took on enlightenment thinking that still forms the philosophical foundations of american democracy. (that's not his target, btw. just collateral damage). now da pope's bff takes a calculated swipe at individualism.

the list itself is quite funny, and i liked many of the "additional" sins added in the comments section.

my nomination: letting ANYONE tell you what, or how 2 think.

csm said...

Biblically speaking, wouldn't the church be better of removing the plank from its eye before telling others about the speck in their eye?

csm said...

Oh, and I like your nomination Coreyd, but I wouldn't call it a sin. In fact, there is no sin, because there is no god to sin against. And no church will ever promote not letting anyone tell you what or how to think. That is the business of a church - mind control!

Ceroill said...

"We don't need no education! We don't need no thought control! No dark sarcasm in the classroom! Teacher leave those kids alone!"

csm said...

Actually, when talking about Catholics I think of another classic Pink Floyd tune:

The lunatic is on the grass.
The lunatic is on the grass.
Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs.
Got to keep the loonies on the path.

CronusFury said...

1. The original concept for collections in church began back when the christian faith was still young. Where they were persecuted and food was scarce so everyone brought something in to share with the overall church. The idea of collecting money today is to fund the churches all around the world that still have to pay for their preists food, clothing and programs. Not only that, but charity programs and missionary trips to 3rd world countries. So the pope has plenty of shiny things in the vatican, thats true. Thats just comes with power i guess. But most of the money is spent for the overall church effort in maintaining facilities, and various charity programs.

2. Drug Dealing you say? You make it seem like the church is condemning pharmascists! What they condemn is the selling of ILLEGAL drugs, and do i even have to mention all the crap that goes on with Illegal substances?

3. OH yes...Genocide is included on the churches sh*t list. After all the killing of 41 million children since the passing of Row vs Wade is looked down upon by most christians.

4. Anything that makes a social injustice? does that even need explanation?

5. Pedophile Protecting!?!?! The Pope himself has said...that there is no room for men such as those within the catholic church. In the bible it states that it would be better for those who corrupt the children, to tie a rope around their necks, tied to a boulder and tossed into the sea. That includes pedophile priests, pedophiles in general, and anyone who corrupts the innocense of a child!

Your post is just full of arrogant hatred towards the catholic church. "Reason" and do your research before you make such hatefull claims.

coreydbarbarian said...

dear chronusfury,
1. your origin story for the practice of tithing is weak. old testament mentions of tithing come 2 mind. your notion of wealth coming with power is quite flawed, also - just ask the dalai lama, or a quaker.

2. bad laws exist, therefore, just because something is illegal does not make it a bad thing. for the record, "drugs" have been around as long as man and were only deemed bad in the 20th century. in fact, some of those "drugs" you hate were part and parcel for some old testament rituals...

3. it is VERY presumptuous of you to speak for MOST christians.

4. on whose authority does the pope's bff make this new list of sin? did anyone ever explain that? me, i reject his list, and his purported new authority. this power grab is a TRUE social injustice. does that even need an explanation?

5. you obviously turn a blind eye to the actual PRACTICE of the vatican. actions speak louder than words, as they say.

6. if csm's post seems arrogant, i would venture to guess it is a direct reflection of the arrogance HE sees flowing from the vatican with this new list.

csm said...

Hey cronusfury, Vatican wealth extends far beyond a few shiny things for the pope to play with.

And the pedophilia problem in the catholic church is far too pronounced and horrific to be sweeped away with a simple statement by the pope. Clear and swift action was, and is, needed - and the actions taken by the church were neither clear nor swift... and, come to think of it, most of the actions taken were not even fair or with the best intentions of the abused in mind.

Also, great rebuttal CoreyD.