Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthers on the Hill

The Republicans, they be bat-shit crazy!



This whole fuckin' nation is bat shit crazy and for a multitude of reasons. This video is Exhibit #1.

Lou said...

Below is a great video that outlines the incredible hypocrisy of Obama. You may want to post this CSM since I saw where you hate hypocrisy.

csm said...

And your point is that you think Obama is doing the same thing with health care? That there has been no debate? That the amount of time between the bill and a vote for the Patriot Act and a health care bill (which has yet to come to a vote) is the same? Is that what you are trying to imply? Really?

csm said...

Or does it have something to do with this thread regarding the vapid right wing claims about President Obama's citizenship?

Lou said...

Obama is a hypocritical politician who promised change. Things would be transparent, different and a new policy was coming to Washington.

He brought more lies, more hypocrisy, bigger government with a taste of Russian czars with no congressional approval.

It is about time congress told this narcissist "NO" that we aren't passing more legislation through ASAP! just because you command us to!

csm said...

Obama has indeed not lived up to the expectation of many of those who had supported him (me included). However, there has been change. Big change, from the previous administration; not just superficial change. Not enough change, and not enough transparency.

"A taste of Russian czars"? Bwa-ha-ha Ha-ha Ha-ha-ha-ha... Just when I think I can find common ground with you Lou you turn into a raving right wing lunatic.

I can understand folks not supporting Obama's policies and such, but I find lunatic fringe drivel to be disappointing.

I fault Obama for trying too hard to get bipartisan support. He is the president. The Dems control Congress. If together they can't get anything done then it is their own damn fault.

Lou said...

"but I find lunatic fringe drivel to be disappointing."

AS do I, you disappoint.

He must get R support since his own party is abandoning him!. America is not a far left nation and his attempt to govern from there will doom him. Hopefully sooner than later. His policies are not possible to maintain without taxing America into bankruptcy.

I liked what one R wrote into the healthcare bill. "Congress must participate in any healthcare reform presented" and of course the D quickly removed that. Typical

If you don't find czars who are not approved by congress to not be a problem, then I must conclude you are brain dead. Of course, I don't bow before the house of czars. Just more of that transparency at work.

csm said...

Again with the fucking czars? I don't think you even know what you are complaining about.

Cowcharge said...

I don't know enough to reach a conclusion about Obama's birthplace, but I dislike your dismissal as "vapid" of anyone who wants their questions about Obama's birth answered. There are legitimate questions, questions that are easily answered if the man would just release his damned original birth certiificate.

I've seen a photograph of a Kenyan birth cert for Obama that is more convincing than the photo of the Hawaiian copy. What else do I have with which to form an opinion? Nothing but hearsay.

I have to release my birth certificate in order to get my driver's license renewed, but a man with questions about his birth can be president without releasing his? Got an explanation for that?

Why not just settle it once and for all by releasing the vault copy? It makes no sense to me that he wouldn't do so, if he was actually born in Hawaii. Do you have an explanation for that?

There are already so many reasons why the man shouldn't be president. But this being a matter of constitutional eligibility, I think it needs to go to court.

csm said...

Your comment is obviously a case of mad cow disease. Not only have we seen the birth certificate, we have seen the birth announcement in a Hawaiian newspaper.

Birthers are bat shit crazy fuckwads who need to grow brains and find something useful to do.

Lou said...

Careful, Obama may appoint a Birth Certificate Czar. His job? To collect all emails of those who question his birth certiciate so that he can provide them with a personal answer from ACORN.

Next, the Olypoic Games Recovery Act Czar.

csm said...

More insanity from, Lou. Thanks for the fresh swatch of lunacy, Lou.

Anonymous said...