Sunday, October 18, 2009

Abortion Foes in Oklahoma Go Way Too Far

A new Oklahoma law that forces women who have had abortions to post details of the procedure online is being sharply criticized by women's rights groups, and is now being challenged in court by two Oklahoma women.

As of November 1, doctors in Oklahoma will be compelled -- under penalty of criminal prosecution -- to post the details of each abortion they perform online. Among the details to be posted for every abortion is the patient's age, marital status and race; her financial condition; her education; and the total number of her previous pregnancies.

This is most definitely a violation of the HIPAA regulations (as the story quoted above notes). But it is also violently offensive to women. Hey, let's post the age, marital status, race, financial condition, and dick size of every man who takes Viagra or Cialis. Oh, wait, that'll never happen because men aren't discriminated against like women are...



Nothing in the article states what the goal of this law is about. Of course it is to make abortion that much more of an ordeal than it already is. California or Bust.

csm said...

Maybe next they'll change the law to have the abortion video taped and then post it to the web. I have the web site for them.

Actually, that might already exist... I didn't actually check to make sure it didn't.