Friday, June 1, 2007

Pelosi says Bush "in denial" on warming

Pelosi said Bush's strategy, announced on Thursday, "rehashed stale ideas" and made her question whether the president understands the urgency of global warming.

"The science is clear, and yet the president continues to be in denial," Pelosi said at a briefing. "Yes, he says now he believes that global warming is happening and he accepts the science that it is ... But if that were so, if he truly understood that, he could not have come up with a proposal that is 'aspirational'."

In terms of global warming and our nation stepping up to treat the matter seriously: whoever the next president is (Dem or Rep) will treat the matter more seriously than Shrub has. Just another in a long list of important matter GWB and his cronies have ignored (or made worse).


bev said...

bev says bush is in denial on a lot of stuff.

Ceroill said...

Hi guys, checking in.

Heathen said...

Nice new site... and hopefully Bush will be the absolute last U.S. president to treat global warming so off-handedly. We need to build more nuclear reactors so that we no longer rely on fossil fuels for any electricity in this country. And we need a Manhattan Project for converting from oil-based energy for automobiles to something less damaging to the environment.

And just to test out if this new site will edit or censor us: fuck, shit, and piss!

Anonymous said...

Words are merely rhetoric unless accompanied by meaningful action. Pelosi, the daughter of one Baltimore mayor and the sister of another, cut her teeth among the nation’s political elite. I wish it were otherwise but the evolution of the Democrat’s thinking on funding of the Iraq expedition shows one thing. Both parties are so corporately embedded as to be fully co-opted.

Good luck with the site, csm.

derf/faustatfau said...

that was me

coreydbarbarian said...

i think it's kinda funny how dubya professes to "get it" now, but his proposal says otherwise. if he weren't beholden to certain energy interests, he could just let the two houses sort it out. they're certainly more concerned about the issue.
of course, had he actually proposed doing something about climate change, then everyone on the right might call him a flip-flopper, and we can't have that...
i wonder what kind of consensus we'd need 2 get him 2 "flip" on stem cell research?

btw, csm, that was a rather smooth plug for shrub. i always loved molly!

bev said...

heathen isn't csm?!!? i always thought csm was just messing with another pseudonym. eh, I'm guessing we won't be being censored.
Also, csm, I didn't click the "Shrub" until coreyd's comment on Molly. You're so clever.
I miss Molly.
And I'm for nuclear (did I pronounce that right?)
Do I need a Google account for the blue underline?

bev said...

just kickin' the tires...
The clock on my last post says 2:49am and it's actually 5:49am here in New Hampshire.
Since I call Texas ALOT, I know it's not 3 hours difference.
Are we on bawdy time?

And, I checked the wheelchair near the code. :) Does it do plug-ins, or is there something more?

Nice site, csm.

Ceroill said...

Well, csm you seem to be getting this one off to a good start. I just wish I'd chosen more wisely when trying to subscribe to comments. Oh well. Let's see...what to contribute to add a bit of levity. Ah, I know. This was once attributed to RMN, but I think is actually from Robert McCloskey:
"I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."

csm said...

Hey Bev,

The time is likely Google time, as Google owns, where I set this up.

And ceroill/Bob, love the quotes (both here and on the other thread). Yes, we did run across each other on Freethinker's... just didn't recognize the other moniker!

Heathen said...

Bev, I am real tho thx for the compliment (I think?)

bev said...

dearest heathen,
even when i thought you were csm, i always knew you were for real :)

and, yes, in my next life i've already called dibbies on csm's brain, so it was a compliment.
love the moniker!

bev said...

and a very informative website, i might add, heathen. i'll be back to that baby. thx!

coreydbarbarian said...

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