Saturday, June 9, 2007

Support Stem Cell Research

I received an e-mail from Senator Chuck Schumer that I thought was worth sharing here (because I agree with him). Here is the content of the message:

George Bush is about to stubbornly deny the will of the American people once again. This week, the House will pass a bill to lift the arbitrary and damaging restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research that President Bush put in place in 2001. Two months ago, the Senate passed a similar bill.

But George Bush is threatening a veto in defiance of almost every congressional Democrat, many Republicans and the overwhelming majority of the American people. It's not science or facts driving Bush's decision. It is pure pandering to his radical right-wing base. The upshot is that millions who suffer from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and diabetes will once again have their hopes dashed. We can't stand by and let this happen. George Bush is preventing the development of treatments and cures for some of the worst diseases for no other reason than politics. That is unconscionable.

With the veto coming as early as Monday, we must hurry and send our message to George Bush right now.Click here to tell Bush to stop obstructing the will of the American people and Congress. Tell him to sign the lifesaving Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act. It'll come as no surprise that Bush and the small band of Republicans in Congress who are providing enough votes to prevent a veto-proof majority are relying on pseudoscience and outright lies to defend their position.They tell us that other types of stem cells have just as much potential as embryonic stem cells. They claim that embryonic stem cell therapies are dangerous and always cause tumors in mice. None of it is true.The country's top scientists believe embryonic stem cells have the most potential to find safe, effective cures. And the American people are right there with them. Surveys consistently find that two-third to three quarters of people support expanding this research.

Even the scientists working on the most recent stem cell breakthrough support passage of the current bill. As one of the scientist involved in the recent development said: "A human is not a mouse, so a lot more work has to be done."

It is time to change the policy.Click here to tell Bush to stop obstructing the will of the American people and Congress. Tell him to sign the lifesaving Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act.

There is no excuse for the president to veto this bill.



As our federal and some state governments dither, private research and states like Missouri are taking the forefront. Missouri voters passed an amendment to it's Constitution making it legal to do the research. There was nothing to do with funding in the amendment, just the idea to keep politics out of the lab. California, New Jersey and other states who have passed funding for stem cell research haven't spent a dime on it because of legal proceedings and legislative wrangling. With private funding, of which millions are being spent right now, issues like this stay out of courtrooms and the halls of legislature and progress gets made.

As far as Schumer's plea, it is a waste of time as no matter how many sign the petition, Bush will still veto the bill. That is what blind allegiance to "the sanctity of life" will get you. A waste of time of which I did participate in, I might add.

derF said...

Who Paid For The Bush Campaign?n

csm said...

Vetoed... can't say I'm surprised.