Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bush Hating on the Rise

Well, at the risk of inundating the blog with new topics I’m going to post another one today. Maybe this will make up for being on vacation last week!

USA Today reports the results of a recent poll showing Bush’s popularity at an all-time low of 29 percent and that More than seven in 10 favor removing nearly all U.S. troops from Iraq by April. Especially fun is to click on the graphic of Bush’s approval rating over time.

It looks like the war in Iraq continues to become less and less popular. Imagine that, war being unpopular! Just goes to reinforce the notion that the Democratic win last November had a lot to do with America’s dissatisfaction with the lack of progress in Iraq (if not the whole damn war to begin with).

And on a related note, John McCain, pathetic Bush toady that he has become, appears to be suffering for his support of the idiot in chief. Two of his top aides have resigned and it looks like people are beginning to question the on-going viability of his campaign. I won’t miss him.




Do you find it ironic funny that Bush and his apologists will tell anybody within earshot that the NSA spying shouldn't bother anybody who isn't doing something illegal but the President himself will not have people in his administration testify to anything even though they maintain they have done nothing wrong and to trust them?


The current conservative to fall on his sword(penis), David Vitter. Couldn't keep it in his pants, his lawfully wedded wife wasn't enough and Larry Flynt pressured him to come clean. Family values my fucking ass. csm, I am not so sure I want to end up in hell if we are going to be rubbing shoulders with these dipshits. I can only hope we would get better treatment in hell and they would have to stay away from our cache of Guinness.

csm said...

A damn shame is what it is Bawdy. Hypocritical liars and scofflaws in the White House telling us "Oh, don't worry if you haven't done anything wrong." Everyday I shake my head in wonderment at how W managed to get himself re-elected.

RE: hot beer in hell, if you and I wind up in the same place as some of these dickheads then I wouldn't put my hopes on us being able to horde the Giunness!

By the way Jan (you still out there?), have you seen the DSCC attack ads against Sununu up there in New Hampshire? Anyone who is interested can view it here.

jan said...

HI, I just showed up... and just in time, I see.
POLLS! Yum. :)

Bawdy, your first post is brilliant. Hadn't thought of it but, yes, incredibly ironic.

re: Hell
I think I have this figured out.

David Vitter doesn't go to hell with us; he goes to hell with everyone who loves prostitutes but lies about it. They all go to hell with some very willing prostitutes, but can't get it up... forever.

Sununu is toast.
Whether Jeanne Shaheen gets in or not, NH-ites can't stand him anymore.

Today the Republicans in Congress voted down combat vet Jim Webb's amendment, requiring that the troops go back on tours to Iraq rested, trained, equipped, and prepared for battle according to current, standing DoD guidelines.
Please call any Republican Senators who represent you and ask them why they don't support the troops.

jan said...

Anybody see where three religious nutroots got arrested for shouting down a hindu who was trying to pray today to open congress?

It was quite a bit like the other religiofascists we've heard about.

I notice that Buddhists don't go around publicly screaming at other people that they are full of the devil because they aren't Buddhists.

I think I like Buddhists.


I don't know why many religious people just have to try to convert others to their way of thinking. Or worse yet, stop others from expounding on THEIR beliefs. This is kinda where I am coming from when I say(over and over, I know)that these should be personal beliefs. I know the Constitution allows freedom of association, and that is good, but the beauty of the Constitution is the rights of the individual; the right of the individual to think the way they wish, which I think is where the kernel of my personal beliefs rant comes from. The freedom of association is the right of an individual to associate with others; not for an association to run roughshod over an individuals belief system.

This example you have put forth, Jan, is an example of what I have been saying; organized religion is an impediment to human progress. And with all the "baiting" going on lately(the Catholic church, these nutjobs, Islamic extremists, etc.)I am about to rest my case.

csm said...

FYI - here is another blog talking about those nutroots (luv that word) that Jan mentioned.

Heathen said...

Congressional Job Approval Dips Again This Month
Democrats, Republicans now almost equally likely to disapprove of Congress

by Joseph Carroll

PRINCETON, NJ -- The honeymoon phase is over for the new Congress, as the public's ratings of Congress are down again this month. The latest congressional job approval rating (24%) is the lowest for the institution since Democrats took control of both houses in January, and is far below the 37% registered in February. The decline has been most evident among Democrats, whose ratings of Congress now match those of Republicans. Congressional job approval ratings are typically not positive, but ratings as low as the current one are uncommon. The poll also finds that only about one in four Americans say they are satisfied with the way things are going in this country, little changed since last month but still at its lowest point in over a decade.

Heathen said...

I don't know who really posted the message above, but it wasn't me! Don't be a fucking pussy, post under your own damn pseudonym or just be cowardly and use "anonymous".

jan said...

With regard to heathen's post:
I'm guessing a Loyal Bushie.

With regarding to bawdy's:
"The freedom of association is the right of an individual to associate with others; not for an association to run roughshod over an individuals belief system"...

That's why I fight the Christmas trees. The choice is a townhall lawn filled with a zillion plastic Christian symbols, or a townhall lawn filled with a lawn.

Other religions don't have this need to convert us, so they don't have this need to shove their religions down our throats.

As a lover of diversity, I have no problem with some religious history, and on one level, may even consider it very "American" especially as an educational tool.

However, what we get instead is a bunch of ridiculous plastic dolls, and a bunch of obnoxious loudmouths shouting down Hindus while they try to pray for peace on public property.

And while it's nothing to necessarily get me in a big huff, you're much better than I over the national motto.
If you don't trust in God, don't you have a hard time with that motto representing you to the rest of the planet?

Why not something more along the lines of our state's motto: "Live Free or Die"?

To me, that so much more represents the America I trust.
(And, of course, I still advocate pledging to the Preamble instead of some other made-up bunch of baloney.)

Just some thoughts.

jan said...

csm, the best part of your additional article on the Hindus was the comments!
Highly recommended.

just fei, I'd like to point out a video on Crooks & Liars, with a Loyal Bushie taking on Cindy Shaheen, who is currently protesting with some vets.

He was real brave when it came to The Woman... but he shrunk like a penis in the Arctic Ocean when confronted by the vets asking when he was going to enlist.
Again, highly recommended.

heathen said...

Actually the real heathen did post the above message and if you don't like it you can just kiss the fattest part of my ass.

For the half-drunk Jan, there is nothing I find appealing about Bush. There is nothing I find appealing about your democrat party. You and your party can kiss the fattest part of my ass as well. The poll proves America agrees with me, not you loyal Clinton worshippers.

Go back to protesting plastic babies and wooden cradles and leave the politics to the sober Americans. The ones who are sick and tired of all the dumb asses that keep putting these two parties in charge.

Heathen said...

Fuck you, fake heathen. Eat my scrotal tissue and gag you filthy shit sucking bag of dicks.

Heathen said...

I don't eat baby food!

Heathen wanna be!

fcc said...

Wow, things look to be just the same as always around here.

The Real Heathen said...

Maybe you feed your children human scrotum, not me. At any rate, you don't seem to have the courage of your convictions, fake heathen. I'll leave it to the regulars around here to judge.

Fuck anyone who would want to hijack someone else's identity. If you are such a fucking clueless knee-biter you can have the moniker. I'll change mine.

real heathen said...

I've been Heathen for 4 plus years. Maybe if I had been asked to change my moniker in a civil way I would have been willing to do so. I didn't see a heathen on this blog. Since you attacked like an ass hole you can get bent.

The Real Heathen said...

Ooooo, I "can get bent" - your colossal verbal skills are no match for me.

Go on, keep posting as Heathen (and pettily as real heathen, too). I'll just followup every post you make with a "fuck you."

heathen said...

Bite Me you cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit.

The Real Heathen said...

Fuck you.

csm said...

To the dueling heathens:

Hi, csm, here... the owner/sponsor of this blog. I see now that we have two heathens and it looks like one of you has admitted that you didn't know there was already someone posting here as heathen. Yes, the response that heathen #1 gave to heathen #2 was less than diplomatic (I suffer from that same malady quite often). But I hate to see two heathens so at odds with one another - if you are both actually "heathens" (that is, no faith), then I hope we can work to some form of compromise here? I'd truly like to have both of you posting here, but the discourse seems to have devolved to nothing but a profanity shouting match (which can be fun, but not for very long)... any ideas on how we can resume useful discourse?



How about Heathen 1 and 2. Or maybe A and B

csm said...

That could work, Bawdy. Or maybe one of the Heathens could become Pagan?

The Fattest Part of My Ass said...

I've decided on this new handle. It can be a reminder for the resident heathen

The Real Heathen said...

I fucking like it! The new moniker, that is; not the actual fattest part of your god damn ass).

Perhaps I got carried away, but I've seen some truly shitty things on these blogs. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and apologize for jumping the gun.


Now this "fattest part of your ass" is it the widest part of your ass or the part with the most fat content?

lou said...


I must say, that is rather resourceful. It made for a grand laugh for the day.

A great question Bawdy.

derF said...

to fcc;

what happened to that grand old maxim, "the right leads and the left follows"? don't you have a green turtle to visit?

when i wished you luck on your new website, csm, this is not what i had in mind.

The Fattest Part of my Ass said...

Accepted Heathen.

My apologies for calling you a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit.

The fattest part of my ass is up to the observer


Here's hoping for blindness.


Lemme get rid of my sense of smell too.

csm said...

I can honestly say that I never anticipated having "The Fattest Part of My Ass" post on this blog. I can now die a happy man.

csm said...

Bawdy, will we still be able to enjoy hot beer in hell if you are now blind and unable to smell? I have heard that smell is a major component of taste, so perhaps the Guiness won't be as tasty in hell. C'mon, suffer through the fattest part of that ass with all your senses intact, man! You cannot abandon our beer party in the after life!

Ceroill said...

My what curious directions posts can take.


One thing we can be grateful for though, it looks like fcc took one quick look and decided not to stick around.

TF POMA said...

The approval of Bush and Congress fails to reach 50%.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Most U.S. voters think the country is on the wrong track and remain deeply unhappy with President George W. Bush and Congress, but still feel good about their finances and optimistic about the future, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday.

In the national survey of 1,012 likely voters, taken July 12 through July 14, about 66 percent said Bush had done only a fair or poor job as president, with 34 percent ranking his performance as excellent or good.

That is up slightly from his low of 30 percent in early March and in line with other national polls showing Bush's approval ratings lingering at or near historically low levels amid continued chaos and bloodshed in Iraq.

But the marks for Congress, mired in gridlock over a series of partisan political battles after Democrats took power in the 2006 elections, continued to drop.

While 83 percent said Congress was doing a fair or poor job, just 14 percent rated it excellent or good. Last October, in its final days, the Republican-led Congress earned ratings of excellent or good from 23 percent of voters.

"There is a growing sense that people voted for change in 2006 and they aren't getting it," Zogby said.

TF POMA Part II said...

But the marks for Congress, mired in gridlock over a series of partisan political battles after Democrats took power in the 2006 elections, continued to drop.

While 83 percent said Congress was doing a fair or poor job, just 14 percent rated it excellent or good. Last October, in its final days, the Republican-led Congress earned ratings of excellent or good from 23 percent of voters.

"There is a growing sense that people voted for change in 2006 and they aren't getting it," Zogby said.

The poll showed only 26 percent of Americans thought the United States was on the right track and 64 percent thought it was on the wrong track.

lou said...


We have an executive administration that performed brilliantly while taking Iraq and completely bungled the effort once the fascist regime was toppled. We have a fresh congress under horrible leadership that has made the claim for a year that they would take us out of Iraq. They have no proposal or the gumption to make it happen. The numbers reflect the annoyance and exasperation of the American people.

Those who experience the same mind-set may desire to visit http://www.unity08.com.

“Unity08 is a group of citizens deeply concerned that the wheels have come off our political system, that the American Dream is slipping away, and that time is short to get things back on track.”

Tf Poma said...

lou everyone who votes for a democrat or a republican come 08 should get a swift kick right in the dead center of their ass.

the new democrat congress trys to tell all of America that Americans are behind them when in reality we are being held hostage by big money, arrogant squabbling assholes. Here is a novel idea to get our troops home, stop arguing and propose a plan to kick the shit out of the the terrorist. We have the most powerful military in the world so show it! Everybody wins


Everybody except all the innocent people of Iraq(you have to admit there are some innocents there)who will be annihilated by either the militants or our most powerful military in the world. But hey, they are only just Iraqis, right?

Heathen said...

Actually, the vast majority of Iraqis are innocents. There was no reason to go in there and now there is every reason to get the hell out of there.


I know that there are mostly innocents in Iraq, heathen(which one?), but when dealing with a mental midget....

Tf Poma said...


I'm only a mental midget but I have noticed a pattern. Maybe you haven't noticed but innocent people are dieing everyday! Over 3,000 of our own. If they must die, why not die actually accomplishing something of note and quickly? You people with your Vietnam mindset. Another trend I picked up on, terrorist do not care about innocent lives.

All this dumb ass fighting in Washington COULD have been used to figure out how to win and get out quickly. Limited wars provide limited results with twice the casualities. Korea & Vietnam - Learn from them.


This is the thing I dislike the most about blogs. When someone new comes on board(and I am not blaming them)they do not have the history of those who have been here awhile and us oldsters have to repeat ourselves.


Here is a brief synopsis of my positions concerning 9/11 and the aftermath. After the planes made the big mess and we figured out who was involved(and I am in line with the general thinking, nothing weird like a conspiracy theory here)I was all for going into Afghanistan and routing the bastards, which we eventually did. After the routing, I became baffled with our dipshit of a leader for wanting to turn Afghanistan into a modern country with a democracy and all the trappings that go with. We should have left right away and if we had to come back someday, so be it; it would have surely been better than the quagmire we find ourselves in.

But the worst was to come. For some fucking reason(and I have my ideas, though not oil)the dog turd decided to invade Iraq, a country lead by a man who was never, ever going to give up his power for some rinky dink Islamic group; the fucker was a dictator, dictators don't give up their power unless at the end of a gun.

If I were in power during these trying times I would have fought Al Qaeda covertly; exactly as Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, the Phillipines and others have done or are doing now, and successfully I might add. Going in and invading a country which had nothing to do with Islamic militants, or ever would, was the dumbest fucking move ANY President has ever done in my eyes.

And just today, listening to the radio, is the fucker himself trying like hell to pull the wool over our eyes by telling us Al Qaeda is synonymous with Iraq. AL QAEDA WAS NEVER IN IRAQ UNTIL AFTER WE INVADED!!! Zarqawi was never part of Al Qaeda until bin Laden deemed him so long after we invaded. The man(and I use that term loosely)is lying to us, obfuscating the truth to fit his small, little world.

Since our focus has been on Iraq, we have lost sight of Russia(theeeee'rrreee baaaaack), let Central and South America go to seed and given the world much to doubt us for. Need I say more?

Now does that fit with your "Vietnam mindset"?

Tf Poma said...

"Now does that fit with your "Vietnam mindset"?"

Let me state it simply, PERFECTLY. Personally I'm tired of the wouldof, couldof, shouldof. We are there, the legislative and executive branches put us there so lets try to end the damn war by actually attempting to be victorious. Wouldn't that be the quickest way to bring them home?

I don't give a rats ass who was where when. They are there now. Lets kick their ass and bring our guys home. Yes innocent people will die, they are dieing today, lets make the deaths count for something.
One of the things that pisses me off the most is that my dad died in Vietnam in the 60s and we didn't accomplish one damn thing because we tried to fight a war with limited collateral damage. So how'd that go?

I know you haven't caught on to this yet, but I am one of the original heathens. My handle should ring a bell.



We can't leave Iraq, at least not right away, and I will tell you why. We have a security agreement with Kuwait and Saudia Arabia. the Saudis and Kuwatis are mainly Sunni countries and their hated enemies are the Shia. Iran is mainly Shia. If we left Iraq, the Iranians would be right on the border to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia(who have their own Shia populations which scares the Sunni governments in those countries to no end). Iran has made no bones about becomeing the regional Islamic hegemon and they would do that at the expense of the Sunni countries. Since we have vowed to protect those Sunni countries we cannot leave. What I have suggested, and think will eventually happen, is to base our soldiers in the deserts of southern Iraq, where you can see your enemy coming for miles and you can keep the Sunnis and Shia separated. Our soldiers will be out of the cities where you never know who you can trust and casualties should be drastically reduced. But I am predicting now, whoever becomes President next will NOT be able to bring all of our troops home for the very reason I have spoken of. By basing in the deserts at least half our troops could come home(maybe more)and they would be much safer as I don't think Iran would be foolish enough to strike at those bases. If anyone running for the top job states they will bring home ALL the troops they are either mistaken or lying to get the job. The only sane idea coming from our current administration is the comparison to Korea as far as how long our troops will have to stay in Iraq. Of course, if the asshole had thought this out to begin with, just think of how much better our position would be. Asshole.


Oh, and the reason we had problems in Vietnam and currently in Iraq is because we are enamoured with having our military take on political problems not military ones.

And don't think I blame this on the military(if your dad were still alive I would shake his had and say thank you for his service), the problem lies with the bottom of the barrel politicians we seem to put into office over and over again.

derF said...

A rose is a rose by any other name. In other words, I don't care if you call an ass-hole 'the fattest part of my ass', lou or fcc; it can always be recognized by its product. Justification for the worst administration in American history. Remember, there was no sequential domino tumble following the withdrawl from Vietnam. That was just rhetoric used to persuade a compliant population.

the fattest part of my ass said...

derf is another one who can kiss the fattest part of my ass. Who in the hell justifide Bush or any of his incompetent administration? He is the leader of all the dumb asses. Even dumb asses need a leader and instead of challenging him congress handed their power to him. The dumb ass following flows downhill as more dumb asses like yourself follow those dumb asses.

Please tell us you are not old enough to vote?

derF said...

Who justified the policies of the Bush administration? You did ass-hole. You did it with your insistence on ever increasing militarism as the sole answer to America's international conflicts.

"[They] believe that any portion of power confided to me will be exerted in opposition to their schemes. And they believe rightly: for I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. But this is all they have to fear from me: and enough, too, in their opinion.

-- Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Rush"

It was a failed policy for Hilter, it was a failed policy in the 70's, and it's a failed policy now! Why do we repeatedly find ourselves in this position? The American people lose in financial and human resources whenever we enter these futile conflicts. The Iraqis certainly lose as well. However, the are those that have profited from these expeditions. As corporatists gain more and more influence over governing bodies this has repeatedly been the end result.

the fattest part of my ass said...

Wrong again asshole. I suggested we finish the job the dumb assses in Washington put us in. As Bawdy pointed out and correctly, we can't leave without a bloody mess behind us. That would be irresponsible. If people must the die, and they will regardless of our tactic, it might as well be the Allah freedom fighters.

How in the hell does this imply I believe we should answer all our problems with military intervention?

Let me quote our next president.

"We must stay the course” in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and asked for more troops to finish the job.
“We have to exert all of our efforts militarily” Nov. 2003

No, that was not Bush, that was a democrat dumb ass. See the problem here? We have icompetentence all around us and we will make another one our leader. She is just a follower dumb ass for the moment but she will be the lead dumb ass in 18 months.