Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Presidential Primaries Need to be Fixed!

This USA Today opinion (Ludicrous Leapfrog) column makes some good points about the farce that the presidential primaries have become. I like the proposal it gives for fixing this mess:

The best idea is regional primaries that rotate every four years, so no part of the country always gets to go first. A lottery could let a few small states vote early, to allow for retail campaigning.
It's too late to change the demeaning free-for-all of 2008 (or is it 2007-08?), but the major parties could create a new system for 2012 if they're frustrated and embarrassed enough. They should be.


Ceroill said...

They could but they won't.


The rotating plan sounds workable. That or maybe have all the primaries and caucuses on the same day. I like this idea because there could possibly be less advertising in the overkill camp and more in the imformative camp. I cannot even defend my state as Arizona has joined the group by moving up to Feb. 5th just today. I also believe this is the second time we have moved up.

This subject kind of dovetails with some thoughts I have been having lately about how shitty humans and their organizations of all stripes end up looking. Maybe I am paying attention in the wrong direction, but the "me first" ethic has become an epidemic and it doesn't help when it includes adults in powerful positions; positions most of the rest of us look up to as an example. The free-for-all is on.