Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Faith Poll Results

I'd like to thank the folks who clicked over to The Serenity of Reason's religion/faith poll. I wanted to tak a moment to post the results of the poll (as of September 4, 2007).

You can see that we had 12 folks take the poll and that we are predominantly atheists and agnostics.

And to the one lone christian respondent, thanks for joining us.

In other news, Larry Craig has resigned (good riddance to that hypocrite) even though his children believe he is not gay (of course, they are an unbiased source). For an interesting read, try the transcript of his conversation with the officer that arrested him.

And maybe GWB is starting to feel the pressure from the Senate Democrats pushing to start withdrawing troops from Iraq.

All of this even though the GAO says that Iraq has failed to meet 11 of 18 benchmarks.


csm said...

Looks like Larry Craig may not resign after all. Too bad. I was looking forward to getting rid of one of the more hypocritical members of congress... Being from Idaho he would certainly be replaced by another Republican, but hopefully not a gay man who solicits sex from other men in public rest rooms while voting for every anti-gay piece of legislation he touches.

csm said...

Oh, and here is the news story discussing the possibility that Craig may not resign.

Ceroill said...

I can't decide whether to say Oy or to sigh heavily. It saddens me to be not the least surprised at that.