Friday, October 19, 2007

Atheist Philanthropy

Greeting everybody... sorry that I haven't posted anything new here in more than a week, but I was qutie busy at a work-related conference this week in Las Vegas. And yes, I did work, not play... (I'm not a gambler anyway).

On to the point of this post. One of the annoying little things that the faithful regularly "pull out" when they try to denigrate atheists is the philanthopy card. That is, they say something like "Well, it is always Christians who give to the needy and charitable causes... you never see atheists doing that!"

This is a red herring, of course, but it is also a big fat old lie. First of all, let me state that I admire the charitable causes taken on by many christians. There are tons of good people "out there" giving of themselves to help others that are less fortunate. When they do this without proselytizing (that eliminates a bunch of 'em) I think this is great.

With that said, here is a wonderful blog post that highlights many examples of atheists giving to charities.


Ceroill said...

CSM, welcome back!

Of course many Christians seem to make the unfounded assumption that anyone not of their religion can't possibly be a good hearted person.

I've been watching and occasionally joining in a blog on Topix odd news list. They ran a piece about the big stink over Anne Coulter's latest foot in mouth incident.

The bloggers are still going strong, though not always about Anne. Those who do talk about her seem to fall into two camps: Either she's a saint, or she's a demon. Of course the discourse quickly split off into the arguments about whether or not this is a Christian nation, or whether what she said was offensive to Jews, or who is more hypocritical and stupid: Dems or Reps. Oy. If you want to spend a couple of hours perusing a variety of insinuating and insulting posts as well as the occasionally well written and coherent ones, follow this link:

Sorry I had to chop it up.

Heathen said...

Hey, that is a great link. I will certainly refer to that when the holier than thou christ-o-crats try to tell me that only christians give.

And I did not know that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett were Heathens, too.

csm said...

I actually didn't know that Gates and Buffett were atheists either.