Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yosemite McCain

When talking about Osama Bin Laden, John McCain has previously stated, in one of the many debates, "He is going to pay and he will die" . . . "We will bring him to justice" . . . "I will follow him to the gates of hell."

Then last Tuesday (October 23, 2007), during a speach at Thompson Center Arms, a subsidiary of Smith & Wesson, McCain elabtorated saying: "I will follow Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell and I will shoot him with your products."

This is not the type of thing I want a presidential candidate, let alone a president of the USA, to say. OK, so Bush has lowered the level of discourse and eloquence that we expect in a president with his continual, almost daily mangling of the English language and absurd comments. But I want Bush to be an aberration, not the first in a line of idiots.

And then, to make matters worse, the two-faced idiot (that would be McCain) later told reporters he was joking. He must think it is one helluva funny joke if he keeps telling versions of it over and over.

What's next? I guess if he speaks in Detroit he'll say something like: "I will drive down to the gates of hell and run Osama Bin Laden over with your SUVs."

Or if he speaks a Bob Jones University he can say "I will follow Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell and lynch him just like youse guys like."

What do you think? Let's all help Yosemite McCain write his upcoming speeches... do you have any ideas on how he can tweak this compelling message for other audiences?



C'mon, csm, you don't really like shooting fish in a barrel, do you? McCain is obviously still trying to pander to the far religious right just like the rest of them; jockeying to get these narrow thinkers to remember their name come election day.

I will say you could move from the fish barrel on the right to the fish barrel on the left and accomplish the same. I say you get yer shotgun, blow holes in both barrels and watch the little fishies flop around. It ain't sport but you would be cleaning up the slate for some real candidates.

csm said...

Well, IMHO the barrel is wider and deeper and the fish are more savvy in the Democratic barrel right now. C'mon, could you even fathom one of those Republican fuckers talking like Barack Obama in terms of the flag pin incident? And yes, I know, that is a BIG non-issue, but the Republicans still scream and shout like it is an issue. And, to me at least, that is an issue.

Could I poke into Hillary Clinton's or John Edwards' or Barack Obama's positions and find problems and things to criticize? Yes, of course. But the easy pickin's ain't there.

When it comes down to making a choice in November 2008 I'll be happy if I have someone semi-reasonable to vote for on the Democratic side - and with any of Obama, Edwards, and Clinton as the nominee I will. Other than Ron Paul (who hasn't got a chance) there is not a single Republican that falls into that category. So I will continue to trash the Republican inanity every chance I get and stay away from the Democrats unless one of them becomes as stupid as McCain or Thompson or Giuliani.