Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Christian Pedophiles Are Not Just Catholic

According to the Beaver County Times:

A former pastor of a Slippery Rock Township church pleaded guilty this week to two counts of possession of child pornography...The address on Schmidtberger’s online account, 468 Rose Point Road, was that of Rose Point Reformed Presbyterian Church...Police searched Schmidtberger’s residence and seized computers and other electronic devices. An examination of those devices turned up 181 images of child pornography on 15 CD-ROMs.

So it would seem that child molestation, child porn, and such is not just the domain of Catholic priests, but that Presbyterian ministers are participating now, too.

Truly sad.


coreydbarbarian said...

2 things:
first, i'm pretty sure pedophilia predates christianity.
second, how big were his 181 images that he needed 15 cd's to hold 'em? or did he make 14 backup copies?

csm said...

Not sure, but I took it to mean he had 15 CDs full of porn, of which, 181 images were of child porn.