Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is That Oversight I Smell?

Yahoo News reports: House Democrats demanded documents Thursday about a multibillion-dollar overseas contracting loophole to track down how — and why — the Bush administration slipped it into plans to protect taxpayer money.

Isn't it about time to track down where all of the missing money is that was sent to the war effort, but then looted by war profiteers? But I understand why the president wouldn't want to pursue war profiteering, I mean, after all, some the biggest war profiteers are his family members! Why aren't more people outraged that billions of dollars are unaccounted for, and there are widespread allegations of waste, fraud and war profiteering.

If you read that first Yahoo News story a little further, it notes that: The United States has spent more than $102 billion over the last five years to help rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan. In that time, the Justice Department has uncovered at least $14 million in contract bribes in those two nations alone.

I hate that we are spending so much on this war in the first place, but the least we could do is try to ensure that we are competently spending what has been allocated!

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Ceroill said...

It is absurd and disturbing. I assume you've seen or heard about the American embassy in Baghdad? You know, the new one that...if it's ever finished...will be the biggest embassy in the world, at least of ours. From what I saw earlier on, of it's basic design, it's essentially intended to be a fortress. But for some reason building seems to be stalled...something about missing money I think....