Sunday, April 6, 2008

Are These Dudes Really Libertarians?

Former Republican Rep. Bob Barr said Saturday he has formed a presidential exploratory committee and may seek the Libertarian party nomination.

The same article goes on to state that Mike Gravel is also in the field of candidates looking to be the Libertarian presidential candidate.

If this is the best the Libertarians can do -- Democratic and Republican cast-offss -- I don't know why anyone would vote Libertarian in the fall...



I dunno I read the short article and it sounds like Mr. Barr espouses some of the stuff Libertarians believe in. The article didn't outline Mr. Barr's total platform, but what it did shed light on fits in with the Party. You must remember, Ron Paul is a registered Republican also.

I vote Libertarian because I believe in a strict adherence to the Constitution. If an armless and legless circus freak was seriously running for President as a Libertarian, I would vote for him/her. Since both parties in power have made a big mess stopping up the country's toilet with the hefty helpings of shit they produce, I find it strange anybody who has cleaned up a bathroom would vote for a Dem or Rep. Oh yeah, I forgot the myriad of ways they keep others out of the running. My bad.


Here is a little tidbit for all of the universal healthcare folks out there.

coreydbarbarian said...

remember how joe lieberman got elected last time he was up? i suspect many politicians would do the same thing. craven.

politicians. huh. whatcha gonna do?

hey bawdy!

have you heard about this?

i figured i'd ask, since you're our arizona expert and all... :)



Looks like a violation of the one right a child has to me. Just goes to show the more laws you have the less freedom you have. And just about every law has an unintended consequence. Gotta love those fucking unintended consequences, huh?

coreydbarbarian said...


whole thing reminds me of a t-shirt: "zero tolerance ='s zero intelligence".

sorry 2 stick you with the unsavory article, but i wondered if you'd heard anything different.

all that over an advil. sometimes i just can't believe how stupid this war on drugs has gotten.


Stupid and expensive.

coreydbarbarian said...

"I don't know why anyone would vote Libertarian in the fall..."

--well, hopefully enough reasonable (an elitist qualifier, i know) libertarians will deny barr the opportunity before the fall.