Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Obama is Frustrated... Rightly So.

Barack Obama said he is frustrated by questions about his religious beliefs and patriotism, particularly because his presidential rivals are not questioned in the same way.

“It frustrates me that people would even have a question about something like that because they don’t ask the same questions of some of the other candidates and that concerns me,” Obama said here Monday night.

I can understand his frustration. But until religion becomes a non-issue in political campaigns in the USA (OK, that'll never happen), this type of bullshit will continue to happen.

In an age where journalism is dead and the truth is irrelevant, any old lie will do, as long as it is entertaining and stirs the masses. Did you see The Daily Show yesterday evening (4/21)? They actually had a clip from MSNCB (I think) where pundits watched Obama briefly scratch his face with his middle finger and they actually debated whether he was flipping Hillary off? Is this what "news" has come to?

I'm afraid it is.

For the record, Obama is not a Muslim, wearing a flag pin says absolutely NOTHING about your patriotism, and I need a fresh cup of coffee...



How many times have I said, csm, we get the government we deserve. You want an American Idol, you get a TV star for President. You want a dedicated, intelligent leader who will put the country first...nah that can't be; it won't get ratings.

The thing which gives me the big sinking feeling... the vast amount of people in this country who feel any one of the three candidate has the answers. Maybe we can just leave the position unfilled.

Ceroill said...

Nah. Never happen. There has to be someone to 'be in charge'.