Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Smack Her Again, She's Dating Outside Our Religion!

An Iraqi immigrant attacked his daughter for religious reasons, Wellington District Court heard yesterday.

Ishak Ishak, 59, pleaded guilty to assaulting his daughter in April.

Judge Susan Thomas said Ishak, a Syrian Christian, went into his 20-year-old daughter's room and confronted her about going out with a Muslim.

He hit her three to four times which only caused slight bruising to one of her hands, Judge Thomas said.

Ishak immigrated to New Zealand from Iraq in 1995.

His lawyer, Sue Earl, said there were "huge cultural issues" and much shame was brought to a Syrian Christian family if members married a Muslim. Ishak's daughter would have been excommunicated from the family, Ms Earl said.

The shame in the community of his daughter marrying a Muslim would have been worse than a conviction.

Judge Thomas said no matter how shocked or shamed he was it did not excuse assault. She convicted Ishak and ordered him to appear for sentencing if called within nine months.

Yet another example of religion having such a calming and peaceful impact on humanity.


Ceroill said...

Yep. One more example of using the supposedly 'just and loving' deity to justify hate and violence. Good grief.

I'm sure I'm far from the first to notice the apparent huge personality shift between the deity represented in the 'old testament' and the one in the 'new testament'. If it's the same entity then he/she/it must be a sufferer of multiple personality disorder.

csm said...

Oh, yes, many have noticed this dichotomy. I immediately recall the old George Carlin routine where he says something like god loves you but if you disobey him he has a special place, full of fire and burning and torture where he will send you to suffer forever and ever 'til the end of time!


Remember, csm, we will have Guinness. It won't be all bad.

csm said...

I have not forgotten our date to "hot beer in hell" if we're wrong!

Ceroill said...

An old friend of mine once wrote a little song, the chorus of which is: "If Hell is full of hippies, Buddhists and Jews, if Hell is full of bad black dudes who play the lowdown blues, if Hell is full of harlots, well that's all right. There's gonna be a hot time in Hell tonight!"