Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yet Another Child Molesting Christian

A former youth pastor at a Kingston church was charged Wednesday with sexually assaulting two teen girls he was mentoring, police said.

Brian Andrew Neiswender, 26, surrendered with his attorney Jair Novajosky at the office of District Judge Paul J. Roberts Jr., where he was charged with two counts each of indecent assault and corruption of minors. He was released on $50,000 unsecured bail.

Police said Neiswender assaulted the two teens, now 18 and 17 years old, from September 2003 through February 2006 while he was a youth pastor at Christ Community Church on West Dorrance Street.

Neiswender was placed on a leave of absence from Heritage Baptist Church, Lakeland, Fla., on Tuesday, the Rev. Bill Boulet said.

It seems these Christians just can't get enough of the kiddies, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...


He's innocent.

You do not know the whole story. You might want to try before posting a story.

coreydbarbarian said...


unsubstantiated, yet the newspaper has run at least two articles on the story, two teenage girls have come forward with similar tales of unwelcome groping, and the police have charged him with two sets of charges. somehow, that doesn't come across as unsubstantiated to me.

further, the article claims that the church had already passed a rule about him being alone with young girls during music lessons. according to the article, he ignored the rule. what more do you want before notifying the public of a threat? actual prosecution?

Anonymous said...

aboulet I didn't read anything about this guy claiming to be a christian. Does youth pastor=christian? Atheist often claim they were a christian at one time and over time reveal their true idenity. Probably an atheist in christian clothing because christian law prohibits fondling teen girls.

coreydbarbarian said...

future bloggers beware:
from here on out, anonymous ='s douche.

Ceroill said...


1. A Christian minister or priest having spiritual charge over a congregation or other group.
2. A layperson having spiritual charge over a person or group.
3. A shepherd.

The first definition is the most commonly used, and is usually assumed to be the intended use, unless specified otherwise.

So, yes, Youth Pastor does equal Christian in the vast majority of instances.

csm said...

Yes, it really rankles the (anonymous) christian feathers to admit that, yes, there are quite a bunch of christian leaders who are also child molesters. I could post LITERALLY (yes, literally) thousands of them if I chose to do so.

csm said...

Question for the anonymous coward: Are you saying Christ Community Church is not a christian establishment?

Anonymous said...

Cerolli define Christian. Once done the case is closed. Christian means like Christ and he taught against such deeds. Right? Why you define pastor is quite confusing.

Now an atheist why assaulting a teenage young lady would be quite acceptable it would seem.

And what does Husseins' political organization got to do with molesting girls. Are they into that as well?

csm said...

Lacking grammatical skills and any evidence of intelligence, I can see why you wish to remain anonymous.

Ceroill said...

Anon, I defined pastor because you were the one who posed the question of whether a pastor is by definition a christian. So I found you a dictionary definition of pastor.
Now, if you seriously consider the person in question, and perhaps the institution he was part of, to be secretly atheist, why not confront him/them with that allegation instead of just saying it to us? I suspect most folk who consider themselves to be Christians would see that kind of statement as highly offensive, and would take you to task for alleging such.

And by the way, who said anything about Obama in this thread? I have read back through the main post and all replies, and until you brought it up just now, nobody said a thing about Obama's having anything to do with this topic.

Anonymous said...

"And by the way, who said anything about Obama in this thread?"

This did Cerolli "Are you saying Christ Community Church is not a christian establishment?"

Cerolli, this is Obama's former political organization of 20 years.

Fair enough on the pastor definition. You should realize you do not have to be a christian to be a member of some church. Anyone can make the claim and often times for political or monetary gain. Actions speak much louder than words. Then again some folks will believe anything they are told in they wnat to believe badly enough.

Ceroill said...

Anon, admittedly many folk who claim to be Christian do not live by the principles of the religion they espouse. However, unless I am grossly mistaken, one needs to pass certain criteria to be titled a pastor, or a priest, or a vicar (depending on denomination). I seriously doubt that there are many folk who go through all that trouble to attain that status without honestly believing themselves to be deserving of it.

It makes much more sense to me that some of those who do attain such status later show themselves to be morally weak.

As to the question I had about Obama, thanks.

Anonymous said...

That’s true for some denominations, for many of the independent denominations you can charter a church with absolutely no qualifications. Even in many mainstream denominations this is true. Smooth talking and manipulation can make you millions. Many noble individuals becomes pastors, preachers and such but many do if for the dollar and the power and I would never refer to them as Christian if they don’t show it in their actions. From what I have seen of Rev Wright, he is a great example.


People believe what they want and if they believe they are Christians, who am I to say they aren't.

Most people aren't just one type of person, for example someone can be a Christian, a pedophilic pastor and a shyster all at the same time. And the advantage for this person would be as a Christian they can absolve all their sins with a simple prayer, cuz God loves all his chillin' no matter how very bad they are.

coreydbarbarian said...

"..I would never refer to them as Christian if they don’t show it in their actions."

by that criteria, 75% of christianity would fail your test on any given day, 95% in any given week, etc.

Ceroill said...

corey, you may be optimistic there.


I dunno, anon can refer to them anyway he wants, just as we all do. This doesn't have any bearing on how they refer to themselves. I am considering refering to myself as the "Angel of Death"; whadda you guys think? I kinda like it.

coreydbarbarian said...

bawdy/angel of death,

i can dig it.

one question: will your wife be calling you by your new name? ;)

okay, one more question: how will the clientele at your place of employment take the new name? ;)x2

csm said...

If Bawdy gets to be the Angel of Death I shall heretofore be called Tarkanian the Destroyer.

Ceroill said...

Fnord. (I couldn't resist)

Anonymous said...

Coreybarbarian is a very black and white sort of person. Thats a tough standard you got there barbarian. Lifestyle as opposed to the ocassional mistake. Looking at the track record seems a little more fair don't you think? I'm not one to buy into just anything someone trys to sell me.

csm said...

Actually, by the standards of "(not) Christian if they don’t show it in their actions" there are ZERO christians -- none, zilch, the empty set.

Actually, Bawdy gets it right when he states that all the christian has to do to have their sins forgiven is to ask their invisible friend to forgive them. I may have re-worded it a bit, but christians sin, then they ask for forgiveness, and their sky daddy supposedly forgives them... after which, they sin again and repeat the cycle.



Wife? What wife?

Clientele? What clientele? ;)

coreydbarbarian said...

angel of death,

i stand corrected. just not too close to you. ;D

a nonny,

you're gonna have to try that again. all i heard was:
whah wah, wha whah wa wah...

are you the same anonymous that actually posted the standard of judgement that you attribute to me?
if not, there's a perfectly good reason not to post anonymously - you all blur together, into one giant douche.

Anonymous said...

2 forms of Christianity
1-Christianity the Religion to help ones's going to church because it is good for business and your social circle of friends. Many false converts live here and live in habitual sin.
2-Truly saved Christians have given their life for Christ because Jesus saved them. They will never reach perfection, but are growing and striving in that direction. They truly live for and love people on this earth.

In Gods eyes, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul, Ghandi, Billy Grahm are wretched scum. Not because he hates them, but he hates their sin. If he accepts one sin into heaven, heaven can no longer be Holy and he can't not be Holy...double-negatives are fun, huh? It's not that he doesn't want sin...he simply can't have sin. Sin and Holiness are just polar opposites

He wants you there, but you can't do one thing to make it. Jesus (God on earth) was the only sinless human, who took on all our sins... and - like a perfect lamb - was sacrifced to pay for us to enter heaven.

Hell is real, that is where God will send all unrepentant sinners. (weather you believe or not). Jesus paid the fine...all you have to do is accept it and turn from your sins You don't have to work for it, you can't tell God you're a good person. HE wants all the credit and no bribes.

Jesus said: "As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God." Romans 14:11

We will either bow to him in awesome worship, or bow to him in eternal agony. Weather you believe or not makes no difference.

If He created the universe and holds it in the palm of his hand, don't you think he could put a book (the Bible) on this earth to let you know who he is.

Read about it, check it out. Don't just listen to haters and doubters and go "Yea baby...Bill Mahr is cool and what he says rules."

Are you too lazy, or do you simply not have the guts to look into it for yourself. Make up your own mind. If you accept His amazing gift, then God WILL Save you, too.

If you died right now, where would you go? You CAN know for sure!