Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Experience of Being Wrong... Ha! I Love It!

From the Raw Story: Democrats plan to take a harsher tone at this year's convention than they did four years ago, not letting Republican attacks go unanswered. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is no exception, criticizing John McCain's "experience of being wrong" while decrying the "silliness" of his campaign.

Asked which celebrity she would compare McCain to -- in response to his campaign's linking Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton -- the San Francisco Democrat demurred.

"I'll leave that to the popular culture folks," Pelosi said during a breakfast discussion sponsored by Yahoo News, Politico and the Denver Post. Later in the panel, she accused McCain of simply trying to distract voters with his celeb campaigns.

"We cannot be diverted to the silliness that the McCain campaign -- of course they want to talk about Paris Hilton," she said. "Would they want to talk about why they have the worst record of job creation in America? Of course they want to talk about something else. ... They don't want to talk about the issues."

But she did not back down from her harsh condemnation of McCain's two decades in Washington, especially over the last few years when he's been closely alligned with the Bush administration on tax cuts, the war in Iraq and spending on social programs.

"I was just speaking truth about his record," she said. "When they talk about John McCain's experience, he has the experience of being wrong."

While she criticized the GOP's presidential nominee, Pelosi also said she hoped an Obama administration could lead to improved relationships with members of the opposite party. She said she hoped the first 100 days of an Obama presidency would be a time of bipartisanship and reaching out to Republicans.

Pelosi also addressed criticisms from members of her own party, especially anti-war activists upset Congress has done little to change course in Iraq and others who would like to see President Bush impeached. She said impeachment shouldn't be used simply to solve political disagreements but accused the president of a litany of abuses.

The House Speaker praised Oversight Committee Chairman Henry Waxman, who has spearheaded several investigations of Bush administration abuses, and said the House would keep up court battles over contempt citations filed against officials who have ignored subpoenas demanding their testimony.

"This isn't over," she said. "We have Karl Rove to deal with."


Anony Mouse said...

Bless Pelosi’s little heart. I do like her but this is coming from a speaker with something like an 8% approval rating? No that takes guts to take on the McCain when his approval rating dwarfs your own. McCain saved us in Iraq when no one else had the answer. He was right and the rest on the bickering congress had their finger up their buts looking at the polls.
I have been quite impressed how McCain has used Hillary & Bidens own words to also to endorse his own nomination for POTUS and to minimize Nobama. He is on quite a roll even with the convention taking place this week.

Then again this is now a party that has managed to take a woman with 18 million votes and somehow completely keep off the ticket. That takes some real doing.

csm said...

Mouse being full of shit again. Here is a quick rundown of 8 immediate errors I find in this comment:

1. Pelosi is not a man ("his approval rating").
2. McCain did NOT save us nor did he...
3. ...have the answers to Iraq.
4. I can't be sure, but I doubt every congressman and woman had their finger up their butts.
5. There are two Ts in butt!
6. The possessive "Hillary and Bidens" is not written properly.
7. There is no qualitative evidence that McSame is "on a roll" this week (unless the old codger climbed up on his dinner table and literally sat on a roll)
8. The VP slot is not awarded based on votes in the primary; never has been.

Anony Mouse said...

If you desire to lead in grammar should you consider not starting with a sentence fragment? It just ruins your credibility. I’m just saying.

How do you know for sure Pelosi is not a man?
McCain was behind and now in many polls ahead. You may be correct though and in reality NoBama is on a slide. He should get a little bump after tonight. I plan on a great night of football and will fail to make it to the Coliseum.

The VP should be based on the individual who gives you the best chance to win, right? But then again, maybe that was the whole point.

McCain did save us in Iraq. He pushed for the surge while everyone else was afraid. To bad we didn’t have those sorts of ideas while we labored aimlessly to defeat in Nam. The one thing that pisses off more nam vets than anything else is the half-hearted effort to gain victory. It’s hard for the partisans to give credit across the aisle but if Biden can (who would be the better #1) maybe there is hope.

Biden was right. A McCain/Biden ticket would have been great.

csm said...

If you want to continue to write like an 8th grader, then you follow the 8th grade teacher rules. If not, fragments work quite well. I know, I've been published hundreds of times.

I am sure Pelosi is not a man.

And finally, define "win" before you go throwing the term around. What is the mission? Has it been accomplished? Has the mission changed? What is the desired outcome? If there is an actual outcome in mind, is that (new) outcome worth the time, effort, and human life necessary to achieve it? It is one thing to go around saying things like "Kick some ass" and "Let's win this time" and it is another thing to actually spend some brain power planning a proper course of action. This administration spent little, to no, brain power before plunging into an unnecessary war. Now, hypocritically, the same turds who invaded sovereign Iraq chide Russia by saying things like "In the new millennium we cannot invade sovereign nations." It makes me wanna wretch!

csm said...

By the way, mouse (and anyone else), if you want to see the latest polls just click on the little map of the USA on the home page of this blog. It will take you to the latest poll results as well as a mapping of those to election results. That way, you can see what is actually happening poll-wise, and won't be tempted to make non-existent claims of poll results.