Thursday, August 21, 2008

How Many Houses Do You Own?

How many houses do you own? Most Americans could answer that question quite easily.

But John McCain couldn't remember when asked by reporters. It's actually kind of ridiculous. He paused and said, "I think—I'll have my staff get to you."

The correct answer? At least seven.

John McCain is way out of touch with regular Americans. It is abundantly clear that McCain does not understand what most Americans are going through right now. It was recently reported that he wears $520 shoes on the campaign trail—more than some families pay each month for food or rent.

This past week, McCain and Obama were asked what constitutes "rich." Obama said, "If you are making more than $250,000, then you are in the top 3, 4 percent of this country...You are doing well." McCain answered, "I think if you're just talking about income, how about $5 million?"

Not only does McCain not possess the temperment to be president, he doesn't have a frame of reference or the empathy.


G said...

Ah, yes. More crucial issues that our nation faces in the coming years.

Aside from the misrepresentation of the $5 million comment (which was clearly a joke to anyone that was paying attention), are you implying that Obama actually CAN relate to blue-collar America?

Again, this sounds a bit desperate (and hypocritical, for that matter) from the Obama camp.

Anony Mouse said...

I actually laughed when I read this one because I felt sure that csm would pick this one up due to the irrelevancy. Big bad McCain and the big bad oil companies actually achieving success is a slap in the face of the real American dream, redistribution. I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume csm voted for John Kerry and the Clintons. Check into how many homes they own. I’m also sure Obama is not struggling and living in the slums. McCain has become a tough nut to crack for the Nobama Nation if this is all they have got.

Oh, but answer the question, I only have 5 houses but three I rent.

coreydbarbarian said...

dear g, and (significantly less)
dear mouse,

this gaffe is quite relevant because john mccain has bent over backwards to paint barack obama as an elitist. surely one of you can recall the ol' saying "don't throw stones if you live in glass houses", right?

i believe both of you are intelligent enough to know it is unwise to paint your arugula-eating opponent as elitist when you yourself own 9 houses on 8 properties, ergo you are both intelligent enough to understand why this smear boomeranged right back into mccain's lap.

g, since you don't believe obama can relate to blue-collar america, i invite you to investigate the financing of barack & michelle's college educations, as well as barack's time as a community organizer.

mouse, since you believe mccain has achieved success, i invite you to investigate the source of his wealth, his political start, and even his military assignment.

csm said...

Hey Corey, do you often hand out invitations knowing damn well that they won't be accepted? Just curious...

coreydbarbarian said...

csm, it must be a character flaw, or somethin'. just call me a dreamer. they will, i'm sure. ;)

G said...

OK. So what's your point? The fact that he needed financial assistance to get through college means he can relate to blue collar America?

I realize that many people are swayed by these kinds of "out of touch" allegations. But I'm speaking for myself here. They are both rich, out of touch, career politicians (for the most part). I don't care. All I care about is who is better able to lead the nation for the next 4 years, who has the better policy proposals, etc. You know, things that actually matter in an election. I really couldn't care less if the president has any empathy for the people, as long as he is implementing the right policies.

And I'm sorry. I forgot to answer the original question. I don't own any homes.

coreydbarbarian said...

imo, it does matter somewhat that a candidate understands firsthand what life is like for "the rest of us". is it as important as good policy? of course not. but it factors into good decisions. imo.

here's my logic: obama was raised by a single mother who sometimes had to rely on welfare to make ends meet. he worked his way through college, and leaned on financial assistance to meet the high cost of education. and rather than pursue a lucrative position at a fancy law firm, he gave back to his community. it was only after his two books were published that he became "rich". i'm guessing that sort of background would tend to make someone a bit more appreciative of the social safety net, gov't secured school loans, pell grants, etc.

contrast that with john mccain, who has never struggled a day in his life, a man who spends more on maids & butlers in one year than i have earned in the factories in the past twelve. can he possibly appreciate my struggle? does he understand how vital welfare and financial aid are to folks like me?

i thought the question was rhetorical, but for the record, i own no homes. unless you count the 1992 dodge caravan that my grandfather gave me...if my unemployment check doesn't make it's way to me in the next week, i'll be living in there with my beagle.

Anony Mouse said...

Yes, Obama’s mother was on welfare while raising young Obama in the heartland of the US in Kansas on the family farm with the hogs and chickens. A long way from Indonesia and the welfare money. But in the real world Obama was raised by his maternal grandparents from the time he was 10 and attended one of the finest boarding schools in Hawaii. Yes indeed, times were hard.
Neither of these candidates had a tough life growing up and neither of them were exactly born with a silver spoon in hand. But one got the hell beat out of him for five years while courageously serving our nation. Those are the facts.
One of them has made up stories of how his father came to the US while his false stories were debunked by his own mother. Both have flip-flopped on many issues (csm only shares McCain flops) but Obama has flip-flopped over 30 times in just a few years. Look at the record and ignore partisan rhetoric. Some are led to believe Obama walks on water but in reality he is just another politician that ums & uhs as much as Bush when he doesn’t have a teleprompter.

coreydbarbarian said...

ya know, if dubya had limited himself to uhms & uhhs & aww, shucks, he might have been tolerable. not bright, but tolerable.

google bushism and see where it takes you. i have a great imagination, but it's hard to picture obama saying anything quite so dumb.


This whole thread seems a bit silly. I have got to side with the people who find this a very minor issue when compared to the looming large problems this country faces.

And if you want to go down this road let's remember some of the Progressive Hall of Fame members, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was very wealthy from childhood, and the Kennedy clan who have been compared to royalty. Any liberal here want to question their compassion for the poor? I would because well I am a crotchety old conservative, but you guys could very well fawn over these icons of emapthy who juct happened to be filthy rich.

csm said...

As Corey already stated, the issue is hypocrisy and how imbued with it the McCain camp is. You don't paint your opponent as an elitist when you own multiple houses and don't even recall how many you own!

G said...

Elitism isn't about wealth. It is about the attitude that society should be ruled by a small group of "elite" individuals who know better than the masses (i.e. the common folk). It is typically used toward those who have lived their entire lives in the academic and/or political worlds and think that anyone who disagrees with their views is simply unenlightened.

But again, I don't care. I'd rather have an elitist with the right policies than a "common man" with the wrong ones.

csm said...

True, G, and that is why I will vote for Obama.


But a common man with the right policies who uses the Constitution as his guide and inspiration, now there is a candidate!

Anony Mouse said...

This isn’t about elitism or how many houses are owned. McCain married into homes, money etc. I doubt he knows within in the family how many homes are owned. Money & homes have nothing to do with elitism. Elitism is an attitude. No, this is about partisanship. Partisanship can be as strong as any religious allegiance. JWs come to your door carrying their own Bible and their own literature while ignoring mainstream Christian literature. It’s their Bible their literature or you are completely wrong! A hard line partisan GOP or DNC supporter is blinded much the same.

I wasn’t sure if I should be impressed with Biden (MBNA) or recognize more of the Obama BS. Can you get much more of a DC insider than Biden? So much for "change we can believe in." But he HAS ignored the party cry to put Hillary on the ticket which I believe could have given him the best chance to win. Putting yourself first over the party is not necessarily a bad thing but could be actually admirable. There does lay the problem that Biden (MBNA) hammered Obama and praised McCain not that long ago. The Biden 180 should be entertaining.

coreydbarbarian said...

Can you get much more of a DC insider than Biden?

you mean like john mcsame?

honestly mouse, your ramblings get funnier every day.

Thomas said...

Democratic Presidential Barack Obama nominee has picked Delaware Senator Joseph Biden as his Vice Presidential running mate. CHANGE … hardly? What does a choice of an inside the Beltway senior Senator tell us about Obama’s Change you can believe in? Biden is hardly a candidate of CHANGE. Biden has been a US Senator for 35 years. Biden is an “Insider”. Isn’t this exactly what Obama has railed against during the Democratic primaries, that the US needs change. However, in the end any talk of change by Obama was overshadowed by his absolute inexperience on foreign policy and to be President.

The candidate of change went with the status quo.

In picking Sen. Joe Biden to be his running mate, Barack Obama sought to shore up his weakness — inexperience in office and on foreign policy — rather than underscore his strength as a new-generation candidate defying political conventions.

He picked a 35-year veteran of the Senate — the ultimate insider — rather than a candidate from outside Washington, such as Govs. Tim Kaine of Virginia or Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas; or from outside his party, such as Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska; or from outside the mostly white male club of vice presidential candidates. Hillary Rodham Clinton didn’t even make his short list.

For all the cute speeches about change, for all the railing upon the Washington Insiders as being the problem, for all the posturing that change is needed for the sake of change … Obama in picking Joseph Biden showed his true colors and Obama’s ultimate lack of inexperienced to be President. In the end Obama’s image is tarnished as his campaign slogan should now read … “Status Quo You Can Believe in: Obama/Biden 2008”. The Obama-Biden ticket is hardly the choice that most Democrats wanted to energize the base and the upcoming Democratic National Convention. Frankly, after all the build up the choice kinda fell flat.

The picks say something profound about Obama: For all his self-confidence, the 47-year-old Illinois senator worried that he couldn’t beat Republican John McCain without help from a seasoned politician willing to attack. The Biden selection is the next logistical step in an Obama campaign that has become more negative — a strategic decision that may be necessary but threatens to run counter to his image.

csm said...

It is funny to watch people conflate change with "Washington Insider"... Yes, Biden has been in Washington for a long time. But his positions do represent change over what we've had for 8 years. McSame's positions do not represent change, but more of the same. Voting for McSame means you want another 4 years of GWB recklessness.


I just read an article(from Reason, thanks again corey)which maintained McCain could very well be even more reckless in the foreign affairs arena than G.W. Lush. Another blustery bullshitter we do not need. Advantage Obama, but still not what we need for what really ails us.

csm said...

Another view on this topic.