Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Evidently John McCain delivered a speech which plagiarized material from Wikipedia.

Now, can you imagine the uproar if Obama had done this? McNasty woulda shouted how this showed his inexperience. And the right wing talking heads, well, they would've talked til they were blue in the face.

And they'd have been correct to point out the poor judgment of using Wikipedia as a source for a political speech... especially without any attribution.

The bottom line is that McCain is proving to be the one showing poor judgment and inexperience in this race, not Obama.


The Muzzle Loader said...

So McCain is not only an ill-tempered flip-flopper, but he is also a plagiarist. Not surprising I guess. I wonder if Joe Biden's past plagiarism will come up if Obama choose him as a running mate?

csm said...

I love what Stephen Colbert had to say about this: "The Internet can be a creepy place," Colbert said. "But it's a lot less creepy than McCain's previous source of foreign policy information: Joe Lieberman."