Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Will Stevens' Senate Seat Go Dem?

Now that Republican Senator Ted Stevens, convicted liar and thief, has had his day in court - and lost - it will be interesting to see if those chowderheads in Alaska vote him out of office. They should - which means one more Senator on the Democratic side.

At this rate, the Democrats could gain a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate (that'd be 60). And that may be scary, but it means the Dems won't have any more excuses and the Dems will get the blame/credit for the next few years.

And the Dems stand to gain in the House of Representatives, too. Of course, my district will likely go back to being Republican. Nick Lampson has done a very good job the past two years (especially during the aftermath of the recent hurricane) but the district is so hopelessly gerrymandered to skew Republican that not even Jesus Christ could win if he ran as a Democrat.


TJ said...

stevens sounds more like some of the more recent democrats. get convicted then run back to your state to keep you political office.


This leaves me with two obvious questions, csm ...

1. If Alaska were to vote for the Democratic Senatorial candidate instead of Stevens, would they still be considered "chowderheads"?

2. If Jesus Christ were to run as a Democrat in your district, considering his past, would you vote for him?

coreydbarbarian said...

re: the magic number

just wanted to point out that even if the dem's win 60 seats in the senate, joe lieberman will likely flip to the red side altogether.

besides, getting a couple moderate republicans to vote with them on issues won't be all that difficult.

who's this tj? sure seems anxious to reframe this post as a slight against democrats..

also, i like bawdy's 2nd question.
however, i think jesus should run in minnesota. they seem to accept just about anyone as a candidate without question.

Ceroill said...

As a corrolary to Bawdy's second question: If JC ran at all, by his own principles, would either party accept him?

csm said...

1. The true essence of chowderheadedness cannot entirely be bestowed (or revoked) based on a single vote. However, a vote for Begich, even if only to vote against Stevens, reduces the stock in the chowder at least somewhat.

2. I doubt I'd vote for JC because I'd probably find him to be delusional. If the Sermon on the Mount was his stump speech though, I might have to consider him. Who is he running against? ;-)

csm said...

I heard this on the radio today: evidently in the Alaskan Senate debate last night Ted Stevens denied that he had been convicted!

Just goes to show, Republicans truly believe that if they say it enough the gullible sheeple will fall in line and believe it, too.

csm said...

And yes, evidently TJ is either the newest Republican on the block, or a new moniker for an old rodent.

csm said...

Evidently, even if Stevens wins he will be kicked out of the Senate. So long, you cantankerous old kook.