Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 08


csm said...

Congratulation to president-elect Obama.

Just watched John McCain's concession speech and it was very gracious and eloquent.

csm said...

Here is a "fun" site that kinda summarizes the whole POTUS08 election cycle.


coreydbarbarian said...

mccain was gracious, yes.

but during his concession speech, i kept thinking, "i am SO glad i don't have to listen to that man for the next 4 years."

now if i just knew which candidate won indiana...patience, patience.

:) only 76 days of dubya left to go!


OK, csm, you pretty much got what you wanted. The easy part is over with. After the dancing in the streets the hard work begins and as you could have foretold, I am not very optimistic. Democrats hold the reins, their asses are in the saddle and I am sure you hope they have the right map. The map should be the Constitution, that will be Obama's oath to take; somehow I just don't think so.

You spoke earlier of disenfranchisement; this is how I feel and it wouldn't have mattered who won tonight, it would have felt the same to me. With either candidate, the collective would have trumped the individual and frankly that hurts.

Oh, and corey, listening to Palin for the four years would have been much, much worse, unless of course you were able to turn the sound down.

csm said...

What? You don't like hokey Northern accents Bawdy?

I am sure that Obama will not necessarily pursue your hot button issues but give the man a chance. He appears, at least, sincere about trying to eliminate divisiveness. And in his acceptance speech he put out a call for service that W shoulda done post 9/11.

Given the "real" choice of McCain or Obama, I'm thrilled that Obama won. I think he'll be much better than the alternative.