Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Norm Coleman Needs to Concede

OK, Norm, you've had your fun. Your delusional multi-month belief that you will somehow defeat Al Franken in over! You've had your day in court. And the votes you wanted to be counted have been counted. And y'know what? Al Franken won more of those votes than you did! Are you happy now that you've wasted all that time and money giving your opponent more votes?

It is time for this to come to an end. Yes, Norm, you can still go to the Minnesota Surpreme Court... and I guess, even to the US Supreme Court. But you lost. And every time you win a court battle you lose more votes. Give it up... and learn to say this: Senator Al Franken!


Lou said...

If he lost, Al would be confirmed the winner. Keep going Norm. Al doesn't want all the votes counted but I have a sneaky suspicion that decision will be overturned. Just another way of keep the kid with his hand in the candy jar from getting out of control more than he has.

Maybe Stevens could bring a lawsuit next.

csm said...

Just as I would expect, the right-wing lunatic fringe wants this idiocy to continue. Probably the same folks who called for Al Gore to concede quickly instead of fighting for every vote back in 2000. {sigh}

csm said...

By the way there, Louie, Louie, did you notice that when Coleman WON his court case and got more votes counted that Coleman himself wanted to be counted, that Franken increased his lead after those votes were counted. So WTF do mean Al doesn't want all the votes to be counted?

{Geez, right-wingers}