Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Blasphemy Day!

Apologies for not posting more regularly here lately but life has sort of taken over.

However, I just had to post a link to Gilgamesh's blog post on Blasphemy Day.

Now this is a "day" I can support.

(I deny the holy spirit.)



Holy Spirit? What Holy Spirit?

csm said...

He used to be a ghost.


How ironic that Obama gets the Peace Prize while extending Bush's war stance and very likely gets us into another war in the Middle East...Iran. This fucking world is getting crazier and crazier, man.

csm said...

Well, it sure does seem to be somewhat premature, at the least. I s'pose the committee might've just been so relieved to have a sane person in the white house after 8 years of bat-shit crazy that they awarded the president the peace prize just for bringing a bit of normalcy back to the world. But, yes, with Iraq not over and Afghanistan being expanded, it sure is odd.

Don't necessarily see a war with Iran happening, though.


All that has to happen is for Israel to attack Iran and they are chomping at that bit. They(the Israelis) aren't thrilled with the diplomatic track and will only wait so long. For Israel to attack they will have to fly over Iraq and at that point we will get involved. Once the shit hits the fan we will have to get into it, protecting oil shipping lanes and there would be little point in not finishing the job the Israelis had started by leveling Iranian nuclear facilities. So in essence we are not even in total control over the situation. Premature? Exactly. And how ironic.

csm said...

Well, Bawdy, I think your assumption about Israel attacking Iran is very premature, too.


Of course it is premature, it hasn't happened yet.

This sure will be a test of how much control we have over Israel. It hasn't shown up in the stoppage of new settlements, now has it?

The key will be if we give in to the Russians(giving them control of the former Soviet states)so that they don't fuck up the "crippling" sanctions on Iran the Israelis are counting on. Ceding over control of Georgia, Ukraine, the Baltics, now that will get the Europeans attention. Poland is already reevaluating their relationship with us.


I gotta question for all out there who like the people we have in power now. Why is it that all the Democrats in Congress and in the current Administration(many were in positions to at least get heard or get the ear of the press)weren't screaming to the skies that those evildoers on Wall Street are gonna bring all of us down. I figure it was one of three things.

1. They really didn't know what was going on. If this was the case do we really want these kinds of people running things?

2. They were making a killing on their investments and closed their eyes and hoped for the best.

3. They didn't do anything because they really wanted to put a stake in the previous adminisration and capitalism. If this was the case they are as evil as the previous administration.

Many of these Democrats came into office in 2006 or before; plenty enough time to figure out the house of cards was just that. So for all those fuckers who want to deflect the blame from themselves and put all the blame Wall Street and capitalism, look at yourself in the mirror and you will see the one of the real sources of the problem.

csm said...

I have long advocated for more regulations (as well as enforcements and real penalties for those who don't follow them) as the necessary mechanism for controlling the unbridled avarice of capitalism. And nobody, from either party, seems to be up to the task.


That is because both parties ARE in on it.