Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lieberman Socks


Mike aka Dragonfly said...

Does Lieberman suck for shedding light on extremely bad legislation or does he suck because he went I?

When Microsoft and Apple write operating systems they don't write the entire operating system all at one time. They put the system together in modules and each module goes through extensive testing and refinement. They do this because they need to make a profit and maintain their image or quality products.

Now for healthcare. This process of attempting to revamp a system as large and as complex as the entire healthcare system with a single bill is about the most idiotic thing congress (led by the Big O) has ever attempted to do. This is something that should be approached in modules (start with TORT) and over a longer period of time and refining it as we go along.

Big O is no more than a fearmonger lacking anything in real world experience or leadership attempting to make a name for the Big O. He is destroying the DNC with every move he makes.

csm said...

Lieberman sucks for changing his stance and for being a shill for the large insurance companies.

Mike aka Dragonfly said...

Insurance companies have on average a 5% profit margin. You need to stop listening to the political dribble and realize insurance companies provide jobs for Americans. Bad mouthing Corporations as Big O has done is just more of his inane stupidity to pass his agenda and protect his reputation. Profits are not the evil wicked witch of the west.

Then again we have trial lawyer in our back pocket thus no TORT reform. Does that bother you as well? It is how the game works. You got to be smart enough to see through the political fog.

csm said...

Bullshit Mike. Lieberman is a Senator from Connecticut. And do you know what? A large number of insurance companies are headquartered there. And these companies bankrolled Joey boy's election campaign. And that is why Joe is being an obstructionist. He wants to derail anything that might not be in those companies' best interests.

Three months ago Lieberman called a Medicare buy-in a good idea, and in 2000 he backed it as the Democratic Party’s vice presidential candidate... Then, a week or so ago, a Senate compromise was worked out that jettisoned any public insurance option but replaced it with a provision to let those 55 or older buy into Medicare and with nationwide nonprofit private plans overseen by a federal agency. By last Sunday, however, Lieberman had changed his mind. The Medicare buy-in suddenly was as objectionable as the public option. Lieberman just oughta man up and say something like "Hey, no matter what you propose I'll object to it" because that is what he is doing. The man is a dog turd.

Mike aka Dragonfly said...

CSM are you familiar with politics at all? You act like the entire congress doesn't do exactly the same thing. You only pick out Libermann because he hurt your feelings. Actaully that is very much normal.

I'll ask again. Does it bother you the reason TORT is not in healthcare because the DNC is in the back pocket of the Trial Lawyers? What about labor unions? Hey, What about Big O voting for bills with pork when he "promised" he wouldn't?

You are inconsistent, you pick and chose or you have no clue what politics is all about. Libermann in reality is one of the more honest politicians in DC. He is like the rest of us. He has no idea what is in this legislation because the transparency is so um, er well not.

If you outrage is purely entertainment purposes only my apologies. The Fly could have misunderstood!

csm said...

Yes, Mike, all politicians suck. Is that your point?

To answer your direct question, no, it does not bother me that tort reform is not in the bill. It never started out in the bill. Would it be helpful to have tort reform? Yes, in some form, it would. But it is not at the core of the matter IMHO. I know, others disagree.

Lieberman did not hurt my feelings. Lieberman is simply scum. His most recent actions show him to be more hypocritical and slimy than most in the Congress, your assertion about his "honesty" notwithstanding.

I've said here before, and I'll say it here again: Dems are beholden to teachers, unions and lawyers. Reps are beholden to big business, banking/wall street, and the military industrial complex. I know which scares me less.

Mike aka Dragonfly said...

Correction, political parties are tied in to any group that gives them support and money. Lawyers scare you less than big business? Interesting.

Big business and the military scare you? These are groups who provide jobs. For your own benefit you better hope big business continues to be drawn to the US.

The banks support the DNC in large margin so I can't say where your information comes from there. The very guys Big O calls greedy are the ones who voted for him.

Its not that all politicians suck. All politicians are politicians and this game is what they do. Some play the game and try to do a solid job while some play the game for their own personal gain and care less about why they are in DC. There is where the difference lies. In either case, to be successful you must play it well.

csm said...

And obviously, you think someone like Lieberman is laudable whereas someone like Pelosi is not, right? Which is mind boggling... but a lot of right wingers (not necessarily calling you a right winger) agree with you.