Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christian Murderers in Oregon

Religion: Faith healing in Oregon on trial. The first week in the trial of Jeff and Marci Beagley for the negligent homicide of their son Neil concluded on Friday with a doctor's testimony that signs of Neil Beagley's failing health gave his parents ample warning that the teenager needed immediate medical treatment.

Neil Beagley of Oregon City was only 16 when he died in June 2008 of complications from a urinary tract blockage that doctors said could have been easily treated. Neil and his parents refused to seek medical treatment in favor of prayer. The decision proved fatal.

The Beagleys are also the parents of Raylene Worthington, whose 15-month-old daughter, the Beagleys' granddaughter, died in 2008 of pneumonia and a blood infection.

Jeff and Marci Beagley are members of the Followers of Christ Church, which rejects doctors and medical treatment in favor of faith healing. The church has become notorious in Oregon for allowing children to die rather than seek routine medical care.

The Beagley's defense hangs on the claim that Neil, being 16 years of age, had the legal right to refuse medical attention under Oregon law. Yet poor Neil never had a chance. Home schooled and isolated, surrounded and raised by religious zealots lacking any moral compass, Neil was brainwashed from birth.

In addition to the negligent homicide charges, Jeff and Marci Beagley should be charged with 16 years of child abuse. What else can we call parents who isolate their children and feed them a diet of nothing but religious mumbo jumbo and biblical non-sense?



It is too bad Presidents and the opposition don't return to the policy of writing their State of the Unions and just mail it to Congress.

Obama's speech was filled with more and new ways he plans to control our society. The Republican's rebuttal...well that was just plain embarrassing. It is obvious both just don't get it.

G said...

You don't have to watch. I didn't.


I generally don't watch such things, but I figured, and I was essentially correct, that there would be some political fireworks this year. It is also a reminder that much of this is political theater, produced for public consumption and for the most part devoid of any substance.

The reasoning is the same as for checking your oil dipstick, it is better to check once in a while instead of neglecting it altogether. But I do understand your reasoning.

Mike aka Dragonfly said...

Just pop in SOTU 2009 and save yourself a lot of time. Nothing really changed other than the additional scolding of SCOTUS. He has absolutely ruined a great opportunity for the DNC in 1 short year. That is what is embarrassing.


The Republicans also ruined their chances when they had the majority. They ballooned the federal government as badly as any Democrat. At least we finally got to see their true colors. It ain't red it is green, just like the Democrats. Neither are the answer. I am just sorry for you, Mike, that your hopes were dashed and yours too, csm, when you finally come to the realization that your team isn't what you thought it was.

csm said...

I didn't watch much of the SOTU but what I did watch was pitiful. It was less a state of the union address and more a cover my ass address. Although I agreed with much of what the President Obama said, it was not the proper venue for that speech IMHO.


A little advice for Mr. LaHood, while the government has ownership stakes in GM and Chrysler he should keep his fucking mouth shut when speaking of the competition. It hurts our relations with the foreign country involved and hurts the rest of the specific industry which includes many American workers.

Mike aka Dragonfly said...

Remember this, An entity that robs Peter to pay Paul will always have the support of Paul.

As CBS goes through their massive downsizing and the lovely Katie faces the scrutiny she imparted on Wall Street not too money months ago, I wonder is she is feeling like a Peter? Profit is evil and large salaries are evil- for the other guys!

No fears Bawdy, we are trying to do away with competition and level the playing field for everybody.