Monday, March 22, 2010

Child Raping Catholics At It Again

ANOTHER Irish bishop has admitted being involved in an investigation into clerical abuse claims in which victims were made to sign oaths of secrecy.

The Bishop of Clogher, Joseph Duffy, said in a statement that he had been been party to at least one civil settlement involving a claim made against the diocese in which a non-disclosure agreement was signed between the diocese and the claimant.

He told a Sunday newspaper that it was to his "regret" he did not pass on the abuse claims to police when he first became aware of the allegations in 1989.

Bishop Duffy, who was unavailable for comment last night, told the 'Sunday Business Post' he was bound to secrecy by the victim's parents at the time of the offence, but that he would not now be restricted by such a condition.

Last week, a spokesman for Bishop Duffy said he had co-operated fully with the statutory authorities by sharing "all known records with them".

The development follows the revelation that Cardinal Sean Brady took part in a similar process in 1975 concerning the abuse of two boys by paedophile priest Fr Brendan Smith. They were asked to take a vow of silence as part of an internal investigation by clergy.


The Catholic Communications Office said that when he was a priest, Fr Brady was asked to conduct this canonical inquiry but he had no decision-making powers regarding its outcome.

The cardinal's admission followed another controversy in which the Bishop of Derry, Seamus Hegarty, was embroiled in a case in which an out-of-court settlement was agreed between a priest and a woman who claimed she was abused by him as a child over a 10-year period.

A statement from the bishop last week said that the diocese had made no contribution to the £12,000 paid by the priest as part of the settlement.

"A confidentiality agreement was not proposed by the diocese but was agreed. This agreement was in the year 2000, five years after the civil authorities were first aware of the matter," Bishop Hegarty said.

The bishop admitted Cardinal Brady had made an awful error in "judgment" in not reporting Smyth to police.

However, Auxiliary Bishop of Down and Connor Donal McKeown defended the embattled cardinal and insisted this did not make him a bad person.

Bishop McKeown said people had a right to feel sceptical if the current leadership of the church failed to address properly the clerical child abuse scandal.

He said the cardinal could have handled better the controversy over the church's 1975 investigation into Smyth, and he "recognises that himself".

"People must be accountable for their actions. And the cardinal has certainly done that, except that in the light of where we are now, he made an awful error of judgment and he's very, very ashamed of that," Bishop McKeown said.

The cleric added that even if people made bad decisions, that didn't make them a bad person.

- Fergus Black



What I don't understand is why after the US part of this problem has been out in the open for years now, they are just now looking into this in Europe. And this is so damning of the Vatican. How could anybody with even a shred of dignity follow the Pope? I dunno...

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A big story around these parts the last coupla days has a rabbi allegedly raping a 7 year old girl so I guess it isn't just Catholics. And I guess there is some atheist out there who can't keep his hands off of children too. Man's inhumanity to man will always be with us and damn if it doesn't make us human. In the eternal photo-op, this isn't our good side, but it is undeniable.



Either everybody who posts here is on vacation or you have been successful at running everybody off.

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csm said...

Could be either, I guess!

G said...

I was out of town and mostly out of touch for a week. But I'd be happy to join in if anyone has something of consequence to discuss. I haven't seen anything along those lines since I got home on Saturday.

I don't think you're going to get a lot of vigorous debate on things like Sarah Palin's childhood, what to do about killer whales that kill, and child molesters being evil.

Mike Aka Dragonfly said...

G pretty well hit the nail on the head. I find myself checking back less and less since the threads are pretty lame. Yes we all despise pedophiles and we hate to see whales stoned! I think? A stoned whale could be interesting.

Well, anyhow, I don't feel right hijacking what csm finds interesting.

Dragonfly has got to fly with the eagles.

csm said...

No problem. I can understand if you don't find these things interesting. And I've been rather busy lately with career stuff.

But remember, folks, since day one I've said that I'm open to receiving ideas for postings here. Just send me a link or an idea at

John Galt said...

How about we start treating other institutions that harbor and coddle criminals with the same righteous indignation and disgust..oh I don't about the NFL? How many murderers, rapists, thugs, drug users/pushers and criminals do they have actively playing the game? But who cares about that...gotta support the team. At least the catholics didn't take my money at the point of a gun to build multi-million dollar playgrounds for the rapist priests. But local governments and the NFL will take tax payer dollars to build cathedrals for the criminals where they can chase balls around the lawn like rover the dog.

csm said...

I don't see the parallel John.

Sure, the NFL (and other sports) have their fair share of "criminals." But in no case does the sport claim to be a moral guide, nor do they prey on the innocence of children by instilling fear of god/damnation/etc. to get them to give a creep a blow job.

And the Catholics may not have taken your money at the point of a gun, but read up on their history. They've stolen, killed, pillaged, and enslaved to spread and support their fairy story over the years.

John Galt said...

Really? REALLY? You don't think these criminals and rapists are presented as role models and heroes to the young and impressionable? They 100% prey on the innocence and hero worship of children and the simple minded.

And if you really want to look at the parallels with religious beliefs and come to the logical conclusion that pro sports are becoming an American religion just take a gander at the rituals and superstitions surrounding them. Gotta make sure that you wear your magic hat just so, sit in the right chair in the right position and chant the magic sayings to make the team score! Geez..come on!!!

As far as your last point. The fact that the Catholic church has done these things (which I agree) doesn't get the NFL off the hook for robbing me at the point of a gun with government backing. The point is they are worse. Just because they have a hideous past (and present!) doesn't mean that I can't avoid having he fruits of my labor go to those criminals...can't say that for the Church of American Football.

csm said...

You sound insane, John.

Pro sports is big business. And there are many thugs in these sports. But to equate a quarterback, a golfer, or a point guard with a priest or a minister is CRAZY TALK. Professional athletes are admired by the young because they want to grow up to play sports, too. Priests are looked up to by the young because they have been indoctrinated to do so by their parents and their church from birth. And they are told this man is the voice of god on earth - at least for many catholics this is so. The priest/minister is viewed as a moral authority and their immediate, personal, hands-on (bad image there) relationship with youths gets twisted. The priest uses his authority to molest the child and then uses it again to threaten punishment if the child informs anyone.

How does this compare? OK, let's see. Ray Lewis is "involved" with in a homicide, is charged with murder, but evidence cannot prove his involvement. Charges are dropped. Next year is is Super Bowl MVP. Children everywhere, admirers of Ray Lewis, do what exactly?

Or maybe Tiger Woods? After found to have serially cheated on his wife, Tiger Woods apologizes, retreats from public view, undergoes therapy, and goes back to golfing. Children everywhere, admirers of Woods, do what exactly?

Or how about Ron Artest? During a game in Detroit, Artest reacted to a fan throwing a cup of beer at him (and hitting him) by jumping into the seats and confronting a fan (the wrong one, by the way). A brawl ensues. Artest is suspended for the remainder of the season (73 games and playoff), the longest non-drug or betting related suspension in NBA history. Artest goes on eventually to play for the Kings, Rockets, and Lakers. Children everywhere, admirers of Artest, do what exactly?

And how is any child physically harmed by any of this stuff, ridiculous though it may be?

Sure, there are things to dislike about sports. Poor behavior is one. Using public taxes for it is another. But equating it to the sexual abuse scandals in the church is outright stupidity worthy of a show on Fox. Maybe you ought to apply for a job there, John.


Hey, I guess that makes me a sports atheist too. I don't have a magic hat. I don't chant magic sayings. Ah, I do have to sit in the right chair though, the indentation in that sofa has my ass written all over it.

John Galt said...

Of course, I'm insane..quite a childish response from a supposed 'freethinker'. 'Free to think just like me' apparently.

And a church is not a big business?

Children are not indoctrinated into sports at a very young age? Maybe not birth ..but t-ball starts pretty early...and no damage done from a worship of sports figures? Spent anytime in low income, urban area recently? I would guess not.

The point was not to say that the catholic church and pro-sports are moral equivlants but to make the point that the indignation that we feel for the behavior of the catholic church should not be reserved just for them. No one should get a pass for criminal behavior, rape, murder and abuse.

You make the assumption that I disagree with your comments on the catholic church and you would be wrong...I don't practice a religion or worship a god. Religion has done far more damage to the human race than it is worth.

If I am worthy of a show on Fox..I vote that they bring back Married With Children and put me on there!

And Bawdyscot..if you are going to be an a total athiest!