Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Now That Sounds Like a Good Trade

A college atheist group is offering students pornography in exchange for Bibles.

Atheist Agenda calls the exchange "Smut for Smut," prompting prayers and protests from Christian students at the University of Texas San Antonio campus.

Student Monica Cornado says it's offensive to compare pornography to "the Word of God."

University officials say the atheist group has the right to conduct the swap.

I'm LMFAO. I don't think there is much thought behind this, but it is rather amusing.



This just might be one of the reasons the pious feel atheists are filled with hate towards religion. The only answer is mutual respect which is the idea behind the Constitution and our Founding.

As amusing as it might be, I feel this type of thing puts atheists back a few paces from where we were and makes us look less serious.

csm said...

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say anything about "mutual respect." Of course, people have the right to worship (or not) any god they choose and to follow (or not) any religion they choose. Choosing to do so does not mean they I (or anyone else) has to respect them. As an analogy, hate groups like Aryans and white supremacists have the right to their opinions and to voice those opinions. They do NOT have to have my respect. (I am not equating religious followers with racists, just using the extreme to make a point).

Mike aka Dragonfly said...

Wise words Bawdy. If one wants respect they must be willing to offer respect. Ridiculing the religious by equating the Bible to smut is pointless.

Think they have the nads to do the same with the Qur'an?:) The Fly doubts it seriously. These types typically take the easy target.


The words "mutual respect" do not show up in the Constitution, that is true. But by keeping the government out of the churches and to allowing any place of worship to be on the same level as any other IS a demonstration of "mutual respect" for the religion itself and for the individuals which decide to follow said religion. And for the citizenry to follow that lead(it is my moral compass)just makes sense to me as the best tack to take. There are(and always have been) extremists, but is that the best example for the rest of us?