Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense

I happened upon this today and thought it funny enough to share here.

You'll have to click on the image to be able to read the graph.


Just saying said...

And you are not Matt Drudge.

csm said...

Nope... wouldn't wanna be Matt Drudge. Why do you say that?

Another Thing said...

Beck doesn't want to be MLK either. So how does that taste?

Oh, and let me be clear. The Rev Sharpton is definitely not MLK and last check, he doesn't own the rights to his memory.

So was there a point other than Muslims, lead by a terrorist, building victory mosques at ground zero is OK but Beck holding a rally at the Lincoln Memorial is wrong?


Another Thing,

Neither is legally wrong according to the Constitution.

csm said...

Glenn Beck is an idiotic former morning zoo DJ who has found a way to milk money from the moronic masses. He can do whatever the fuck he wants... and, by all accounts, he is doing just that.

I think it was a bad idea to trot out the fat, milk-fed whitetrash on this day on the same spot as MLK's speech. My opinion, and I'll say it over and over again.

Not sure what the fuck the Constitution has to do with this, Bawdy. No one (that I know of) was telling Beck he could not legally throw his redneck teabag party... saner folks were questioning the timing and intelligence of doing so at the place and time he chose... especially given his statement about the president being a racist who hates white people...

Another Thing said...

Tolerant of terrorist and racist like Sharpton who peddle in race but not of Beck?

I applaud anyone who can take the people away from a hateful race peddler like Sharpton. I heard both speeches and what Beck could have stated during his speech that is objectionable is beyond me. All Sharpton did was slam Beck. Not surprising of course.

Maybe you need to review your own statements from your mosque thread. You seem to have a lean to agree with anything Obama believes



The Constitution has everything to do with it because if mob rule had it's way, both might not or will not have happened.

"saner folks were questioning the timing and intelligence of doing so at the place and time he chose..."

That is the same fucking reasoning the anti-Muslim civic center mob is using to try to stop it's construction. I thought you could read between those lines.

csm said...

I see where u were coming from now, Bawdy, but I can't say I totally agree with u. I don't think it is the same reasoning at all. No one is trying to stop Beck from spewing his fucktardiness (although it'd be a nicer world without him in it IMHO). Questioning whether it is a good idea for an idiot who has made stupid bigoted statements to try to co-opt one of the most important speeches of our time is NOT the same thing as stating that Muslims should have no rights to build anything in the general vicinity of ground zero because a bunch of terrorists who were Muslim attacked us on 9/11... Is that rawly your position here?

csm said...

Another Thing: I haven't said anything about Al Sharpton nor do I intend to. Trying to use him as a wedge here won't work.

And I stand by all of my statements on the Burlington Coat Factory mosque.

Scott said...
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John Galt said...
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John Galt said...

The feeling that both sides of this arguement (mosque vs. beck) are feeling is the discomfort from watching someone be a complete asshole in public.

If I so desired and I lived in a city with an open container law I could camp out in front of the local AA meeting drinking a 40 and expounding on the excellence of booze... doesn't make me a criminal..makes me an asshole. Just because I CAN do something doesn't mean that I SHOULD. Should I expect to be called out for my behavior..damn right. Unfortunately, we have become a nation of children that scream 'But I'm allowed!'.

Building a mosque in the vacinity of a ground zero = asshole.

Holding a concervative rally of any type on MLK day = asshole.

Using a sexually insulting name regarding a grass roots politcal movement = asshole.

Also, if having a goofy entertainment job prohibits you from having political opinions then Franken better go back to playing cross-eyed drunks in Eddie Murphy movies.

Not much difference in either side on this one...from Sharpton to Beck..from Gingrich to Pelosi...just different ends of the same steaming turd.

Word verification = approppriate.



Did you know(and I didn't until today) there already is a mosque four blocks from Ground Zero?

And your right, it isn't illegal to be an asshole, but that still makes you an asshole.

Lou said...

Sharpton is already an wedge. I must say it is ironic to see atheist taking the side of any religious group. Over the years I have watched them laugh at Bible burnings and Christians who fall into sin. But on this one, they side with a terrorist supporter who hates America while traveling the world on OUR tax dollars. Where is separation of church and state on this?

Also, there is no right to build a house of worship here. Churches are denied land use permits routinely in municipalities. Primarily due to the tax issue. NY could have said no to this Mosque and it would have been constitutional. However Muslims are the new left-wing cause.

I'm siding with the 9/11 families and no to terrorist dollars building this house of hate.

csm said...

Well, speaking only for this atheist, yes, I find it fucking hilarious when preening, hypocritical christians fall prey to the sins they decry in others. It is amuses me to no end.

And there IS a right to build a house of worship because New York already approved the land use.

I feel for the folks who lost family members in the 9/11 attacks (folks of all creeds and religions, mind you). But not because a Muslim community center is being built where a Burlington Coat Factory used to be. Instead, I feel for them because the right wing idiots on Fox have whipped this non-story into a frenzy for no other reason than to rally support for Republicans during the election season. In fact, there is video showing Fox News as being in support of this same Muslim community center earlier in the year -- before they figured out that it could be used for political gain. Sad. Truly sad.

csm said...

To John Galt: I never claimed not to be an asshole. You calling me one does not bother me in the least.

That said, I find your logic somewhat faulty. Just out of curiosity, what distance away from ground zero would appease you into claiming the folks trying to build the Muslim community center were not assholes? Four blocks? Five? Six? Ten? Just what is the magic fucking number?



Make that the new left wing and libertarian cause. Because when you are talkin' the Constitution, you have to remember ALL citizens have the same rights. Not just the "Christian Nation".

John Galt said...

Well csm, I didn't specifically call you an assole, you aren't that unique. Plenty of people using that term that are assholes but feel free to take on the yoke of asshole-itude! Just curious though..if it doesn't bother you why mention it?

As to the 'faulty' logic...allow me to respond in kind. How about the distance should be the square root of common fucking sense. Or perhaps 1/2 the distance that a neo-nazi rally should be from the Holocaust Museum without making everyone want to vomit. Your question clearly expresses the problem with those that expect the government to define all boundaries whether they are legal, social or economic.

csm said...

I'm sure it is my general asshole-ishness that caused me to mention it John.

And your answer clearly shows that you have given the matter zero fucking thought. Not surprised.