Sunday, October 10, 2010

So This is The Alternative? - Part 4

Brad Zaun, who is running against Leonard Boswell (IA-03)

In 2001, Zaun had to be told by West Des Moines police to stay away from a former girlfriend who had accused him of harassing her. The woman called police to complain that Zaun showed up in the early morning hours and pounded on her windows. “Brad yelled from outside calling her slut and other names,” the police report states.


G said...

Can we lump all these into one thread?

So basically, if these candidates win, does that mean Democrats are more unpopular than stalkers, rapists, pedophiles, and Nazis?

Or maybe this is all just part of a coordinated Democratic smear campaign. Isn't it interesting that a bunch of allegations like these all surface just before the election? What are the odds that any of these will amount to anything after November 2? Probably zero.

Anyone But D said...

Anyone without a D at the end of there name is a welcomed relief. You will always have those who vote D regardless, but for those who think, we see how destructive one party with absolute power can be.

D is desperate and are making up any and all stories to steer away from their horrible performance. It is not and will not work. D loses both houses come Nov.

csm said...

G, I'd agree with your first statement (amazingly). Part of a smear campaign, though? It always confounds me when politicians complain that they are being misrepresented when the "tactic" being used against them is "record/playback"...

G said...

I have no interest in trying to defend politicians of any sort. But it's rather suspicious when a bunch of these stories pop up a month before the election (even though only one is even remotely recent), particularly when they're filled with "allegedly" and "accused of" without anything concrete.

In these examples:
#1 - He explained the Nazi uniform. It sounds reasonable to me (although I wouldn't do it). There's no need for me to dig further since it isn't even my state.

#2 - An alleged sexual assault and attempted rape more than a year ago, and it was never reported to the police? Now all of a sudden she wants to file a lawsuit? That sounds pretty suspicious to me. For now, I'd put it in the same category as this nonsense Gloria Allred is pushing in California. Let's see if they pursue anything after 11/2.

#3 - Read the whole article. It says he didn't actually witness either of those incidents.

#4 - He addressed the issue directly, making no excuses for himself. It's up to the voters to decide whether it's a valid character concern or a one-time incident from nearly a decade ago.

Is all this stuff part of a coordinated smear campaign against Republicans? It sure seems that way to me. Dems can't win on the issues, so they have to attack the character of their opponents, even with blatant lies at times (see Alan Grayson).

If you don't think it's a coordinated effort, let me ask you this: Where did you get the information about these four non-Texan candidates? Did you just happen across them in your normal perusal of the local news in Iowa, Mass., and Ohio? Or did you get it from a Democratic news aggregating site like HuffPo, MoveOn, or Dem Daily? Or maybe it was an e-mail from the DSCC or the DCCC?

Next question: What do you know about the Dem candidates in each of these races? Anything at all?


Let us examine Obama under your "record/playback" scenario....

Closing Gitmo
NSA wiretapping
Patriot Act sunsetting
Gays in the military
Keeping your health insurance
new health plan bringing down the deficit
Justice Department investigations

and this is all I came up with in a few minutes....

csm said...

Can't say I disagree with your basic point Bawdy that Obama is not keeping some of his campaign promises... and for that I call him out. (Not going to go thru your specific list there right now... suffice to say I don't think all of the items are fair).

Now let's get back to my point, which you do not seem to have grasped (or conveniently ignored to make a snarky comment - no problem, I love snarky comments). The point is, though, that Obama is not saying that he is being smeared because people are quoting him or playing back video/audio of his own fucking words!

csm said...

"I have no interest in swimming the back stroke," says G, as I look outside my window and see him swimming the back stroke in my neighbor's pool.

Mike said...

Welcome back CSM.

Simplify here: Obama is the most incompetent president we have had in 75 years. He is also one of the least motivated relying more on his so-called charisma than hard work That is just the reality our party most deal with in a few weeks. He couldn't even galvanize the the DNC for his agenda.

Look at the good news. He can blame the Republicans (legitimately)in 2012. Look for Hillary to step down in 2011.

Except the reality and look forward to our next candidate in 2012.



You won't be able to blame me for the coming Republican wave; I still don't vote for them.

verification word: bropho

csm said...

I would never even think of blaming you for anything that heinous sounding, Bawdy.

csm said...

Hey Mike, good to hear from you again. Can't say I agree with you about Obama being unmotivated. He has not delivered on the hype (how could he) but even more importantly there are things he should have and could have delivered to his base. That said, there things the Dems accomplished that would never have happened with Reps in charge. So am I happy with Obama and the Dem-controlled Congress? No way! But I would not make the mistake of going back to the Reps who bungled away the previous 8 years and made a shambles of things.

G said...

What gives you the impression I was defending anyone? All I did on one was point out further facts (that you neglected to mention, even though they came from the same article). On two of them, I simply said that the candidates gave their explanations, and it's now up to the voters to decide. On the sexual assault allegation, all I said is that the timing is awfully suspicious (note that one of the reporters from your link said the exact same thing).

... and you haven't answered my questions.