Saturday, December 17, 2011

33 Quotes About Conservatives

I enjoyed reading through this list of quotes about conservatives and Republicans (although the two are NOT synonymous).



I find it interesting the best quotes(IMHO) were from supposed "conservatives" (Goldwater, Mencken, de Tocqueville). I guess it really pays to figure out what someone's moral compass really includes. The men I mentioned believe in liberty, not puritanism, law and order or some other restricting moral code much of the other quotes seem to be speaking of.

I also found it interesting many of the quotes come from Truman, the man who brought us the Korean War and wage and price controls, and Woodrow Wilson, the man who had to get us in WWI and the Sedition Act of 1917. Yeah, these were great men.

Both sides can create shitheads, and do. It takes great study to find the jewels amongst all the shitheads, and liberals have not cornered that market.

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