Tuesday, September 25, 2007

House Getting a Bad "Rap"

House panel debates hip-hop lyrics: Two rappers, sitting side-by-side in an ornate House hearing room, went in different directions Monday on the need for hip hop artists to expunge their work of sexist and violent language.


At the hearing, music videos showing scantily clad women were played; music executives in dark suits testified on the uses of the "B," H" and "N" words, and black civil rights leaders talked of corporate exploitation.

[sarcasm on]
Oh, I'm just so glad that the House is investigating the lyrics of hip hop music. It is not like there is a war going on, is it? And everyone had health coverage, our borders are protected, and the executive branch isn't full of power hungry, wiretapping, oil-drunk, rich white shit heads, right?
[sarcasm off]

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The executive branch hasn't cornered the market for power hungry, rich, white shitheads. You can add misdirected shitheads too.