Friday, September 21, 2007

Republicans Should Stick to Outing Other Republicans

What with hypocritical gay-basheing Republicans like Larry Craig, David Dreier, Mark Foley and others you'd think Republican operatives would have enough gay folks to out just by looking among their own ranks. Why do I say this now? Well, Hillary Clinton was forced to come out as "not gay" because of the back-handed sniping and comments out there insinutating that she is a lesbian.

Really, why should anyone give a flying fuck whether someone is gay or not?


Ceroill said...

I've never really understood that myself, csm.


Why should anyone worry about whether someone is an atheist or not? Why should someone worry about whether someone was rich or not? Why should anyone worry about whether someone was white or not?

It seems to me we should worry about whether our leaders are willing to uphold the Constitution or not. This is an oath they all take. If they have shone throughout their lives they have problems keeping promises(exhibit one, GWB), they should not be considered for the position. Period.


And again, if the states were where the real political power resided, we wouldn't be having this conversation; everyone would be scrambling to be governor of one of the states instead of the Presidency. For the electorate, it should be much easier to keep tabs on someone in your own state than on someone so very far away(for me at least, in Arizona)in Washington. The real question for this country is how do we stop this political inertia we have set in motion almost seventy years ago. My answer is citizenship from it's citizens, but I realize it won't be easy, if attainable at all with our current situation(current parties liking the situation the way it is, the lack of a skeptical and independent press and an apathetic electorate). We do get the government we deserve, without question.