Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Presidential Poll Closed

I removed the presidential poll from the site today because it seems to be stalled and the race is less interesting now than it was back when I put it up in January.

For those interested in the "results" of the poll of The Serenity of Reason posters, here it is:
  1. Barack Obama - 39%
  2. John McCain - 22%
  3. Hillary Clinton - 17%
  4. Mike Huckabee - 9%
  5. Dennis Kucinich - 4%

Here is my prediction: Obama vs. McCain in the general election with Obama winning by at least 5%. Harder to predict running mates at this point, but I don't see either Obama or McCain choosing their closest competitors. That means no Hillary for Obama; and no Huckabee or Romney for McCain.

That said, my guess would be that McCain will try very hard to convince Condoleeza Rice to be his running mate. As a black, woman, conservative it would solve a lot of his problems. For Obama, I'm thinking Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico.

But who knows at this point, right? Do you have any thoughts on running mates?


Al said...

Condi is a great choice. I could deal with that but not sure she is interested.

For Barack, Richardson is also a good choice but I bet he goes Edwards or maybe Biden.

csm said...

I thought I heard Edwards saying that he was not interested in a VP slot this time around? I could be mistaken there though. Biden wouldn't be a bad choice - he would definitely bring experience to the mix since he's been a Senator since 1973. But I don't think Obama would want another Senator on the ticket, unless it is Hillary, perhaps. But I don't think she'd want to be VP.

Regarding McCain, you may be right about Condi not being interested. It will be very interesting to see where McCain goes. Will he choose someone with high conservative bonafides? Or will he go with a moderate? What about a minority or a woman? That is why Rice springs so rapidly to mind: black, woman, conservative. Good luck finding another one like her!

If McCain choose the conservative route, though, who could the pick be? Newt? I doubt it! Jeb? No way, don't want the name Bush on the ticket! Bill Frist? Again, unlikely. He wants to be a practicing doctor again.

Maybe Kay Bailey Hutchinson if she is interested, but I think she has her sites on becoming the next governor of Texas. Which makes ol' Rick Perry, current TX gov, pop to mind.

Neither, Brownback nor Tancredo would help (didn't get any traction when they ran). Same goes for the Thompsons (Tommy and Fred). And I doubt Fred wants to be second banana; Tommy might.

McCain might go the safe route and choose someone like Mark Sanford. White male; conservatives like him; from the South.

csm said...

I read in the Houston Chronicle today that Condi has ruled out a VP slot. I think that was McCain's last chance to eke out a win. He's toast now in the general election unless Obama makes a big mistake (or something more sinister happens).

csm said...

Wesley Clark as Obama's running mate?

coreydbarbarian said...

i had a thought 2day - do ya think mccain would ask sen. evan bayh (d-in) 2 be vp? i think kay bailey hutchinson is a possibility, 2.

as 4 wesley clark as obama's vp, i could see it, but i still think it might be richardson.

csm said...

Saw in the Houston Chronicle today that Kay Bailey has ruled out a VP slot. (Of course, these things have been known to change.)

csm said...

I've heard rumblings that McCain might actually consider choosing Lieberman as his running mate. That'd be a hoot!