Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Little Saturday Night Strangeness

Happened upon this bizarre video of well-coifed Germans covering Black Sabbath. Sit back, pop open a beer, and enjoy.

I'm particularly interested in what Bawdy might have to say about this one.


coreydbarbarian said...

that is, hands down, the weirdest thing i've seen all day.

what was the deal w/ the dog??
i liked the dog's yawn, but then the chick (cindy?) looked at it like it was a chicken nugget or something...and bert was looking at her, and behind his eyes you could practically see the words, "wow, this is some good acid, man!"

thanks csm. :)


Do they have a version of "War Pigs"?
Yeah, the dog was the most energetic of the bunch.