Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No Immunity for Telecoms!

I just signed a petition to urge my elected officials to say no to telecom immunity.

The Senate passed a FISA reform bill last week that not only falls short on adequately protecting Americans from warrantless surveillance — it also shamefully grants retroactive immunity to the telecommunications companies that may have aided the Bush administration’s illegal domestic wiretapping.

Join the effort to stop telecom immunity by signing the emergency petition at the link below.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Bush, Reid and pelosi for stopping the terrorist threat before it reaches the USA. Congress has finally did somehting constructive. When that call comes in at 3AM we want it to be due to terrorist strikes in Europe not in our great nation. Job well done.

csm said...

I can only shake my head in sadness at the Xenophobia exhibited in this horrific comment. If you are from Europe and you are reading this, please, let it be known, that there are many Americans who do not believe such hateful statements as the one above from the anonymous coward.


An obvious genius, you can tell by the attention to detail in his/her sentence structure and the use of tense.

coreydbarbarian said...

the weird thing is, it would be 9am in madrid and 8am in london when it is 3am at the white house.
an attack during morning commute?

speaking of terrorism, did anyone else notice how much more attention 7 dead in jerusalem gets compared to 39 dead in bagdad?

given, jerusalem has been peaceful for a few years (in terms of terroristic attacks within the city), but...

regarding NO immunity 4 telecoms:
this is the first thing pelosi has done 2 impress me since she took the reins. i don't dare hope it will last. look how quickly the senate capitulated.

what gets me is, these guys are insisting on retroactive legal immunity for telecom involvement in a program that THEY STILL INSIST IS PERFECTLY LEGAL.

it boggles my mind.

ya know, when dubya swore 2 uphold and defend the constitution, who knew he was only referring to his imaginary article 2 powers, and not the rest of the document or the legal system built upon it.

dear anon,
congress is sending the legislation back 2 the senate with suggestions. it is a legislative tactic to stall and 2 deflect political "heat". don't get 2 excited there.