Thursday, March 6, 2008

The War on Christmas

Every time I hear the phrase echoed in the title of this blog posting I shake my head and chuckle. A war on christmas? That holiday that now consumes the calendar every year from the end of Halloween to New Year's Day? That holiday which is celebrated universally as a national holiday in this country? War? Really?

Check out this link from the Catholic League where they point out all of the skirmishes in this so-called war? Is this the stuff these people are talking about when they talk about the war on christmas? If so, here's some advice: take a Xanax and shut the fuck up.

No one is trying to stop your annual Pagan-initiated holiday celebrating the birth of your man-god, along with the greed and unbridled avarice that accompanies that celebration. Every Christian can put a creche in their yard and lights on their house and a big, blow up Santa on the roof and whatever the hell else you want to do on your own damn property. But please, don't inflict that nonsense on those of us who don't want it. Don't put it on public property paid for by everyone's taxes. Don't mix church and state.

What about the Wal-Mart criticism? Well, what about it? All I see is an atheist stating that perhaps non-christians should support companies that are more in line with their views. But I guess this is viewed as part of "the war" because everyone should just lay down and let the majority just trample over them for two full months of the year. Of course, Barry Lynn seems to have additional problems with Wal-Mart that are not totally unreasonable.

The other thing I like about the Catholic League support is how they label everyone who they don't agree with as a curmudgeon.:
  • "A curmudgeon in Warwick, New York, kicked up a fuss about a "Breakfast with Santa" fundraiser held each year by the PTA of Sanfordville Elementary School. "
  • "It is not just Christmas displays and celebrations that are stifled. Often, curmudgeons are opposed to public displays of any faith."

Yes, yes, yes, I am a curmudgeon when I want the U.S. Constitution to be followed... but "you" are somehow sacrosanct because you ignore the U.S. Consitution and just try to plaster your belief system everywhere, not caring who pays for it or who has to look at it. But, what the heck, I embrace the term curmudgeon.

Regarding Christmas, the holiday, I celebrate that, too! I celebrate it as a time to enjoy the company of my friends and family. And to kick back and relax, as much as possible, at the end of the year... fueling up for the start of a new year. No church for me. No Jesus. No God. Just the three F's: friends, family and "fueling up." And I call it Christmas - not Solstice or Winter Holiday. I do wish people Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings, unless I know they are christian, then I wish them Merry Christmas. It is really all no big deal to me. You could call the holiday Tim and I would still celebrate it the same way, except I'd have a Tim tree instead of a Christmas tree.

I know this is a strange time of year to post about Christmas, but I stumbled across the Catholic League document today and it triggered this post.

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