Saturday, May 24, 2008

At Last, Honest Stained Glass!

This makes me laugh every time I look at it.

I gotta believe that this was created before all of the priest sex abuse scandals came to light. But perhaps there was something subliminally careening around the cranium of the creator of this stained glass window?

Do you think the Jesus light switch is used to light up the room that this window is in?


Ceroill said...

I think it likely that it was subconscious, if anything. But then again, remember that previous to the 1980's this kind of image would not have been interpreted that way by most folks. In old advertising and illustrations you can see plenty of examples of men interacting with children. By today's standards they look a bit creepy, but back then there was no such intent.

csm said...

You are almost certainly correct, Bob. But it still cracks me up every time I look at it.

VJ said...

ugh, a bunch of sick little puppies running this blog!


It is cut from the same cloth as the the light switch, no doubt.


I'll have you know I am no puppy. Sickness is is in the eye of the transmitter.

Ceroill said...

To quote from one of my favorites,
"When correctly viewed
Everything is lewd!
Why I could tell you things about Peter Pan,
Or the Wizard of Oz, now
there's a dirty old man!"

csm said...

Your Tom Lehrer quote is indeed quite relevant!

Godless Sunday said...

Oh Yes. A Freudian slip of the tongue? Or shall I say switch?