Monday, May 19, 2008

Various Tidbits of Sad Information from TIME Magazine

From the May 28, 2008 edition of TIME Magazine:

  • 75% of all income gains from 2002 to '06 went to the top 1% -- households making more than $382,600 a year
  • The median American family made $58,407 in 2006. That's $991 less, when you adjust for inflation, than the median in 2000...
  • ...the top 0.01% now control 5.46% of all income, their highest share on record (the data go back to 1913)
  • ...for the fiscal year 2008 (which ends in September) the government will probably spend $500 billion more than it takes in, a deficit of 3.5% GDP.
  • 47 million Americans lack healthcare insurance.


Ceroill said...

Sounds fairly accurate. I was about to say sounds about right, but decided to rephrase.

csm said...

LOL - no, it does not sound "right" but sadly, it does sound correct.

Interestingly enough, the captcha for this comment was toejamo, which raises all kinds of ugly images in my mind...