Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Double Digit Lead

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has opened up a double-digit lead over Republican John McCain two weeks after he clinched the nomination, a new poll published on Friday (6/20) showed.

The nationwide poll conducted by Newsweek showed Obama leading McCain by a margin of 51-36 percent... the survey of 1,010 adults nationwide on June 18 and 19, 2008 has a margin of error of 4 points.

I think this shows how once people begin to learn more about Obama (and McCain) that a good majority will accept Obama as a refreshing change of pace from the current mess in the oval office.


lou said...

Nothing more than a natural bump in the polls after a hotly contested race in the DNC. 12-15% is typical. As soon as Obama faces McCain on the issues then we shall see if he is just a pandering or if he has any real ideas outside of CHANGE. Higher taxes, recession and terrorist attacks on American soil are not changes we need. He is evading McCain, O'Reilly and debates at every turn. Other than being against gay marriage, he has taken very few stands on any issues that are controversial.

csm said...

I agree, those are not the changes we need. Your insinuation that those are Obama's ideas for change is asinine. And evading? Neither candidate is evading the other and neither will. There will be debates, and Obama will likely wipe the stage with McCain. As for evading O'Reilly, why would any sensible Democratic candidate for president go on that idiotic blowhard's show? If you want to know Obama's stand on ANY issue of importance visit his web site. It is all there.

G said...

I saw this article today. It echos my sentiments to a large degree.

Fear pols, don't let them scare you



Great article g. This is stuff I have been railing about for years and I do not see a happy ending to this fairytale no matter who gets into office. The only happiness people like us will have if we are lucky/unlucky enough to be around when the shit really hits the fan is watching the assholes in both parties still fighting each other after there is nothing left to fight over. Unfortunately, there also won't be any fun in saying "I told you so."