Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stop FISA!

From Russ Feingold:

In recent days, people across the country have voiced the opinion that the so-called "compromise" FISA bill working its way through the Senate must be stopped.

As you already know, I am working hard to strip retroactive immunity for the telecommunications companies that allegedly cooperated with the President's illegal warrantless wiretapping program from the bill.

But that is not the only problem. This FISA legislation gives enormous powers to the government: including the ability to read emails and text messages and listen to phone conversations of anyone communicating with their family members, friends, associates, reporters, ANYBODY who may be overseas -- all with zero court review. Nobody should be supporting this legislation.

We can defend our country from terrorists while at the same time protecting the rights and freedoms outlined in the Constitution. It's time for our elected officials to stand up for the values on which our country was founded.

We should celebrate our Constitution this Fourth of July -- and do everything we can to prevent it from being torn up when the Senate returns to Washington next week.

Progressives everywhere have already had a tremendous impact -- with phone calls, emails, and letters pouring into offices by the hundreds (in some cases thousands), but the pressure on my colleagues to give in to this so-called "compromise" and President Bush is strong.

I'm going to continue to do everything I can to stand up for the rights and freedoms we all share. Thanks again for doing your part.


Russ Feingold
Honorary Chair
Progressive Patriots Fund

Senator Feingold needs our help to stop the FISA "compromise" bill. Please sign the Petition to Stop Telecom Immunity. The DFA will deliver the petitions to every Senator on Tuesday morning, right before the expected vote.



G said...

I'm typically not a big fan of Feingold's political positions (and positioning), but at least he is consistent on this issue. It's amazing to me how there was such an uproar from the media and from the Dems in power when the NSA's wiretapping program was revealed, but now many of those same Dems (including Obama) are supporting this legislation.

I haven't read the entire bill, but my understanding is that it basically legalizes the exact behavior that caused such an uproar before. Just another example (and there are many) of the partisanship on the hill... especially the anti-Bush attitude. When the Bush administration approved it, it was evil. When congress votes on it, it is good.

csm said...

Well, I don't care who supports it or who votes for it, I think it is evil, and it I think it is unconstitutional (read the 4th amendment).


This love affair between the federal government and corporate America will be our downfall as they entwine themselves ever closer and closer. You guys were talking about the mainstream media in an earlier thread(I was away for the holiday weekend)and this is where we are not being served. I am still thinking the Internet is our one big chance to solve this, but it will be harder if they are watching us over our shoulder. This has always been my big fear, the government watching the Internet to make sure no one is doing anything we shouldn't, like wishing for the execution of our current President with the charge of treason.

coreydbarbarian said...

i sort of understand obama's positioning on this..sort of. he's tacking to the political center, and nobody but us bloggers cares about this issue. the majority of americans prolly think fisa is a new brand of credit card.

here is a link to a specter/feingold exchange on the issue from cspan. there are two links in the post: a 3 minute version, and an 8 minute version. (alas, no director's cut, though. ;-)